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good call. I have no money, so I can't do that though. soon I'll be rich, sure.
Hey guys, I just bought a Brooks Brothers suit second hand. It's got tons of little fibers that it's shedding all near the seams and everything. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I always wondered about the origin of the term, but I assumed it was because the shoes were shiny white.
Anyway, I had a blast. Prague was amazing, and the Yellow Bar in Rome is a great way to meet other travelers. Went to the Tour De France and got a visitor's pass to see the busses and saw the Normandy beaches. In Holland, 's-HertogenBosh has a cool set of canals that goes under the city, Rotterdam has cool architecture, and the beach up there is nice to drink at.
so, in Rome and Tourino, the natives pointed out that tourists are identifiable by their sneakers. Since I have been wearing sperry's, i haven't been as obvious, and many have told me so, but they are hell on my feet. I have horrible blisters on my big toe on my left foot. So, i figured I would open this thread to find the best shoes taht are a bit rugged, professional, and comfortable.
any Trippel in Utrecht. Those fuck me up.
I have a hat. But what I have discovered is that, sometimes, what works in the style world isn't necessarily 'normal' in the real world. What are the best ways to get around this?
Quote: Originally Posted by avicii Anybody have any recommendations on plain oxfords that won't break the bank? I really like the John Varvatos Dress Oxfords. I want something that's fairly stylish: no square toes, slightly low and round. Any suggestions? I'd like to second this, or something like it. I need a good pair of starter shoes that can be worn with basically anything, since I don't have a bank to speak of, but I have a lot...
Why are grenadine ties more expensive?
what I saw: clothing advice: power suit + one good jacket soemthing about credit cards powerpoint bitching career advice emailing and the worries of BBCing I was really only interested in the suit advice, though, excepting maybe a littlebit at the end.
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