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Quote: Originally Posted by .bishop outerbanks, NC in about mid september. not sure if it will be ON the beach or around the country club. so shoes will be used. lots of options here, in order of ubiquity: blue blazer/light grey trousers + white shirt/mint green tie blue blazer/cream or ivory trousers + same tan cotton/pincord suit cream linen suit (a la Tom Wolfe) ivory dinner jacket Bowties could go with all of the above. ...
They have a small store on Orchard St LES as well.
This could be helpful:
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Not everybody works where you work? You need to know where a guy works, before you decide what's good or bad? My point was, if your workplace frowns upon the sockless lock, then they probably won't like white trousers much either. Any social event where one can wear white pants, no one will think sans socks is "improper".
Quote: Originally Posted by halpap any information about the Giorgio Armani sale at SH? I went this afternoon and was unimpressed. Very small selection of suits, decent selection of sportcoats but hit or miss on sizing. Hardly any shirts. The casual stuff was pretty gaudy. Nice tuxedos though, if in the market. Prices are 80% off retail if you do find something.
I haven't used either but have two good friends who have used Alton Lane. One had shirts made and recommends them; the other had suits made and hated them. Probably doesn't help much but there you go.
No socks. Only not approp for work, but if that's the case one probably shouldn't be wearing white trousers to work anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by techdude Why is Hugo Boss not liked here? HB is typically not very well made, especially for the price. I have a Hugo Boss suit that looked great for the first ~30 wearings but now looks stiff & cheap. But, you won't be wearing this that often, so if it fits you and and you are happy with it then you'll be fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer You live in NYC and consider driving a mercedes flashy? Thousands of wealthy executives take plain black s550s to work every day. Not real flashy to me. I indeed find Mercedes to be excessively showy, but this is obviously just my opinion. (Not all of them, mind you, I love the old SLs). Though if you walk by a bank/law firm here in town you'll see that the black cars lined up out front aren't MB or...
Quote: Originally Posted by john_sf I'm in the camp that considers a button (or two) left unbuttoned on jacket sleeves to be tacky. However, I think it's only a matter of time before leaving a single one unbuttoned evolves into "correct" or "proper".... I don't think there is a "correct" or "incorrect" stance here; it's all personal preference. I mean leaving a button undone is a tad flashy, but nowhere near as flashy as say driving a...
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