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Quote: Originally Posted by Reborn Because the bride is to be the only one in white. She may also stab you with a steak knife. No one is going to confuse him for the bride. I've been to plenty of weddings (in the south) where men are in white - dinner jackets, white linen suits, seersucker, etc. There are reason not to wear white in this instance, but saying not to wear white at all is misguided.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber For $600, you would much prefer other brands like Canali, Isaia, Ralph Lauren Black Label etc - it depends on how well you like the fit and cut of other suits. Could you tell us where one can find Isaia or RLBL for $600 new?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker The best steamers are from Cleveland. Indeed - a shop there named Hot Carl carries a wide variety of them.
Can't tell what the fabric is here. Also - center vents & flapped pockets. But still, he's doing something right.
I have the J Crew tan linen Ludlow that I wear as an sport jacket. I like it and it looks nice, but it is fully lined so wears kind of heavy for a hot weather jacket. The lapels are also pretty narrow.
Try H&M or Zara. They sometimes have classic looking tuxedos for around $250. Probably won't hold up well, but they look nice for the price.
+1 on the Alden suede chukkas, though if you don't want to spend the $, Clarks desert boots make great travel shoes. Comfortable, can be dressed up or down, light on the wallet, etc.
^^i'll venture a response seems like fresco/tropical wool is really only available via bespoke/mtm avenues, which limits its reach somewhat. (Serious Q: does anyone make fresco OTR suits?) Linen is more widely available, and is distinct - fits the season and gives off a kind of gentleman-of-leisure vibe.
^^agree with this, in some places (say Florida) a polo shirt is "dressed up". Kind of sad but c'est la vie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Troilus Why not a mid-grey morning coat? By September, there's a good chance linen will be too cold. I love morning coats, but no one in the US wears these, especially to a beach wedding in 90 degree heat.
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