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You should just be happy the members of Phish are wearing collared shirts, or pants. Though the suit/shirt combos are a bit severe/sober for such a colorful group
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman I think it's obvious from his rant that Drew Magary is a fattie. As much as I disapprove of men wearing shorts, fat men should doubly not wear shorts. Keep dressing like a peasant, dude-bro. He's quite upfront about this...recently lost like 60lbs and did a popular post on deadspin about it. His writing in general is somewhat meant to offend....he's also a published author and upfront about his...
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetGreen With Hackett, I would also suggest being quite careful with what you buy, because they have a certain Chelsea-boy 'look' which flatters some and makes others look slightly ridiculous. Out of curiosity, what do you mean by Chelsea boy? I'm assuming preppy or poncey, but in New York Chelsea boy has quite a different connotation. Also to the OP - definitely pick something up in London. London is a...
Forgot to mention the most important part: what motorcycle you own.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria What is the usual delivery time for bespoke Ambrosi pants? Thank you. - B They only deliver in years in which one can see Haley's comet. Part of their charm.
Where should I host images for B&S post? I know how to use URL image button but not how to upload one.
Quote: Originally Posted by otacon Out of curioity, what arethose reasons? I wouldn't wear a cotton jacket and try to pass it off as formal wear. Also probably a bit too early to wear a dinner jacket, but you have a bit of wiggle room here. Otherwise I'd probably wear a "summer" suit, or if you dont' have one of those, a business/lounge suit, or if you don't have one of those, a blue blazer and khaki pants. I think a mid-grey suit +...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Have you met Alan Flusser? I have not, but at least in the photos I've seen of him he has been well dressed.
Saw the Sartorialist yesterday at the new Ralph Lauren store at Prince/Mercer....caught me off guard because he was quite tubby and dressed like a British tourist (capri pants, t-shirt 3 sizes too tight). Let's just say he wouldn't be featured on his own website.
Should be fine for an outdoor country club wedding in the summer. If anyone will be wearing khakis/chinos then white ones are certainly appropriate.
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