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Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI It's a floating miniature patch pocket in the middle of the jacket. Indeed it is....otherwise known as a patch ticket pocket. You obviously don't like them, but to say it's some sort of gaudy fashion mistake is overstating the case.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI That looks as subtle as a tumour. Maybe to a jaded CBD SF member...but not two people out of one hundred on the street would notice. Hardly flashy when one considers what most people wear these days. I do prefer the inlaid patch though, like on the windowpane above.
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi Examples? I've never seen that, I don't think. Sounds quite odd, but could be cool... maybe. Sciamat. A bit ridiculous but unique. Better than contrast buttonhole stitching or something else that screams "custom".
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Where are patch ticket pockets in all of this? Still pre hype? (like many of you, I have not bothered with reading the thread). Fully on board with this, but pretty rare to see.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexSF Does anyone know where I can find these or what they are called? Poster has them listed as the C&J Redway but having trouble finding info online.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel The answer for me is a question, "would I wear any of those to a job interview at Skadden/Goldman/Federal Reserve/KPMG etc"? You might not wear them to an interview or as an intern, but one could wear a non-flashy glen plaid suit to work at any of these places. Almost every bank & law firm is business casual now, so a suit (any suit) would be seen as a step dressier.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker They had these at C21 last summer. Century 21 in the financial district? The one I saw was like this, but w/o a shade:
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance ^^^^ This is new for them, isn't it? I've been to the Home sale, but this looks different . . . I'm still mourning a $100 brass lighthouse lamp that I didn't buy at the RL home sale.
Ralph Lauren sale at Soiffer Haskin starting Monday June 6th From the email: Ralph Lauren Men's & Women's  Luxury Apparel & Accessories Cruise, Spring and Summer Collections Monday, June 6th through Thursday, June 9th Monday through Wednesday: 9:00am to 6:30pm Thursday: 9:00am to 5:00pm To be held at: Soiffer Haskin 317 West 33rd Street, NYC (Just west of 8th Avenue)
Kind of surprised Phish would wear suits for a photoshoot. Would expect them to dress more like these guys: Should do a thread critique-ing the attire of Phish (& Panic) concertgoers.
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