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IMO hacking pockets are very noticeable, much more so than a ticket pocket. I would only get hacking pockets on a suit if I had plenty of other suits in the rotation. Also I believe hacking pockets look more at home on jackets made of sportier/tweedier fabric than dark city suits due to their riding origins.
I have a Trafalgar alligator belt, looks great and has held up well. Also have an alligator card case from Maida's in Houston, and would recommend them. Good prices too.
Yeah I think #2 is pretty showy, in an unclever way. Would be fine to wear socially but not my taste.
Is there a code for free shipping below $200?
Check out Maida's in Houston. Custom and OTR belts, boots, wallets in all sorts of exotics. Better prices than the fashion houses.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Interesting comment. I'd bet the average net worth number expected to justify an iPad is significantly lower than what people would report to justify a $500 pair of shoes. Agree with this - though one reason I would give to explain is that there isn't a comparable substitute for the ipad, especially at a lower price, while most think $100 dress shoes do the trick just as well as the $500 kind.
A note about the T&A shirts, they're much more slim than I was expecting compared to my older T&A shirts. Not complaining though, prefer them this way. They're def not skinny, just more tapered - similar to say Brooks Bros slim.
If no one's ever going to see it then the choice doesn't matter as much, do what you like. If it's going on your pocket/chest/rib then block, fishtail or diamond are the classic choices. I'm not a fan of the dash marks personally, nor of the full first name monogram. Also, you'll find that most on SF are somewhat anti-monogram.
Quote: Originally Posted by gyasih Is T&A a one day sale? They said it's going to last until they run out of stock, but they aren't restocking shirts and were running a bit thin when I left. No danger of running out of ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by aravenel Nice--did you need anything (flyer, etc) to get the discount? Might stop by after work... Nope
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