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This is great - The Warwick Rust:
Great thread guys; keep em coming. Does anyone here have an opinion or experience with J. Crew tweed? Tried this one on in the shop the other day and liked the fabric and the ludlow fit. Apparently the tweed is from the Abraham Moon mill in Yorkshire but the jacket is made in China. Just haven't seen many tweed jackets with a non-boxy fit in that price range (listed at $300, but the current 25% off promotion - code:LOVEFALL - takes it down to ~$220 with free shipping).
No, you see if I had meant "global" I would have said "global". Just because this habit is popular in Hawaii and perhaps some pockets of the Pacific NW does not make it part of mainstream American culture. What would be parochial is insisting that I need to take off my shoes and wear a lei in Manhattan because they do it in Hawaii.
Allow me to add to the chorus saying that if you requested someone do this where it is not culturally expected (i.e. pretty much the entire United States) it would be rude and is tantamount to telling your guest upon arrival: "Sir, you - in your current condition - are not clean enough to enter the sacred space of my foyer." In the south, you would be considered weird as hell, and guests would likely assume you have some sort of foot fetish game in which you are trying to...
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Nop. Nothing good is on sale. The best deal might be the Phineas Cole trim fit polos. Go to the store if possible...just about everything in there is 30% off.
No way he should throw them away....stitch up the rip, put some conditioner on them, give em a good shine and wear them with jeans or slim khakis to places where people wouldn't normally wear $800 shoes....Buckhead dive bars, whole foods, the dog track, SEC football games.
Blue thread. Otherwise they look like floating saucers on your jacket.
You alluded to the answer in your OP - Barker shoes are not sold in the US (to my knowledge) so over here they were essentially able to create a new "high-end" brand unmoored from the UK reputation of their mid-tier manufacturer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Err, if sales tax even crosses your mind, you shouldn't be spending $5000 on a watch. What a load of bs, sales tax in NYC is 8%+. Why pay that if you don't have to? I 2nd Wempe; great shop. Avoid Tourneau as their service is terrible. Would also recommend William Barthman in the financial district, nice shop and will sometimes cut you a deal.
Really enjoyed the episode, so went back and watched the other episodes (which I hadn't seen before). Great stuff.
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