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Don't know your price range but check out Ralph Lauren Black Lapel - their suits & tuxedos have a similar cut although I think right now they only offer notch lapel tuxedos (IMO you definitely either want peak or shawl lapels). Paul Smith is another nice slim fitting option, though you'll pay for it. If you're on a budget, H&M sometimes has slim tuxedos for <$300 that actually look very nice - doubt they are very durable but you'll get a few good wears out of them. ...
Saw a blog post recently on a look termed the "Italian background" - essentially a blue shirt & navy knit/grenadine tie, used to tone down loud suits & sportcoats. There are some examples from the Sartorialist in the link, and Lapo demonstrating the idea below. (Though his coat isn't really that loud.) http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2008...ackground.html
sundek or vilebrequin
Had a friend that tried to have some Alden shell pennies stretched a couple times but it didn't work. Alden shop on Madison did it for free though, so at least it didn't cost him anything. Not sure where he got the shoes.
Thanks for the replies all. Recap so far: Blue Blazer - "very informal", "too nautical", "a cappella group", "costume party" Lounge Suit - Acceptable, but a bit pedestrian in my view. Black tie - "not suitable", "appropriate", "more than acceptable", "not appropriate" Ivory dinner jacket - suitable or "doesn't make any sense" Leaning either navy suit or black tie, though still batting the idea of an ivory dinner jacket around if we end up going full black tie for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Now, if you have everyone wear black tie, that's a different ball game. Then you are creating an environment suitable for dinner suits, country or not. If it's just the groomsmen, it looks like you just don't know what you're doing and trying very hard to look like you do. This is up in the air, but I agree with you here - all or none is ideal. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist The location has little to do with it, it's the occasion. A wedding is not a horse show. I like a bit of rus in urbe, so why not have a bit of urbe in rus now and then. Particularly after 6. What would you and your bride be more comfortable with? What do you want to see when you look at the pictures 10 years form now? Thank you for this perspective. As you probably know Middleburg is full of a very...
Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist OP, are you using the Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast Inn by any chance? No, it's at a private house near Middleburg. Familiar with Briar Patch though.
@Not Ed Harris - thank you for the input.
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood Why would black tie be hotter than a lounge suit? More layers typically, plus it's, well, black. Tuxedos also don't seem to breathe as well but I don't have any empirical evidence there.
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