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Quote: Originally Posted by Icehawk IMO spread collars look like shit with a bowtie and particularly a tux. The last event I was at of several hundred older gentlemen in tuxedos I probably saw one in a pleated shirt... most men seem to wear a plain shirt with standard collar, french cuffs, and studs. I'm a wing collar man myself. Agree to disagree.....though a wing collar looks especially terrible with a shawl lapel or pre-tied bowtie,...
If you're in NYC check out Century 21. If you want something super cheap & quick, check out H&M. Regarding style, I'm a fan of spread turndown collar & 1/2" pleats, though pique can also look nice.
Sid here has on a summer weight brown & cream houndstooth jacket. Very nice.
I saw a sharp Euro looking gent wearing that jacket at Eataly NYC with a white shirt and nice jeans....looked good. Clearly not SF approved but most ppl will probably think it's a fun piece.
None of the SF vets will agree with me, but black monk straps could also be a good choice. They're considered less dressy than oxfords, but they're just as sleek. And given that they're somewhat rare, most people would probably think they're some super fancy dress shoes.
If you listen to the Monocle Weekly podcasts, his Canadian accent sometimes slips out but he does his best to hide it. Heard him say that he travels so much that he sticks to a "uniform" to make it easier to pack - blazer/sportcoat, dark jeans, white dress shirt.
From what I gather the Tuxedo is sort of the bastard child of white tie and the smoking jacket, so looking for what was originally "proper" might be fruitless. Like trying to figure out the proportions of the first Martini ever drank.
You can get Savile Row bespoke for $3500? That's what a two piece Tom Ford OTR costs. I was under impression that top bespoke houses are $5k+
I bought the J. Crew Ludlow linen jacket in tan/khaki last spring and wear it a ton. Get plenty of compliments and due to the price I don't worry about ruining it. Would prefer patch pockets though. Thinking about getting a similar one in navy...I really like the RL black label version but can't see how it's worth 5x as much.
Could you post a side/profile pic of the saks monkstraps? Thanks.
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