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Check out Paul Stuart mainline & Polo Ralph Lauren. Hugo Boss is a step down in quality but usually a trim fit and <$1000.
In general trying to avoid Royal Wedding coverage but this photo (from Boston Globe's The Big Picture) was too good not to share with this crowd. Rest of photoset here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Another New Yorker The schools where hazing is fading in the South are the exceptions rather than the rule This is untrue....if you are currently in college you probably don't have enough years in you to see the generational trends. It will never go away completely, but the amount of kids that are willing to put up with it gets a little bit smaller every year and administrators are much less willing to turn a blind...
Quote: Originally Posted by Another New Yorker Speaking as someone who now attends college in Virginia I wear it around 4-6 times not counting my school's Fancy Dress event, a once a year black tie ball. You have your own formal, and whatever sorority formals you get invited to. This year I attended 3 sorority's formals, but many attend more. It may be different in the West Coast, but you described your experience as traditional, and my friend who's a...
wow i love this suit...too small though
To clarify, I meant you should buy a cheaper tuxedo, not to rent one. For the same reasons that a college student probably shouldn't have a brand new car - even if (in some cases, especially if) your parents have plenty of money. Plus no one will notice anyway. You'll get more social mileage out of being able to tie a real bowtie or having a cool pair of antique cufflinks. Buy a "real" tuxedo for your first nice wedding, post-grad.
I've been looking at tuxedos lately and the two that I liked best in that range were Zegna ($2400) and Ralph Lauren black label ($2200). I'm roughly the same size and both are one-button peak lapel with a trim fit, relatively strong shoulders and low button stance - all traits which looks great with a tuxedo.
I wouldn't buy a nice tuxedo if you are in college. Assuming you will be attending more sorority/fraternity formals it likely won't have a long lifespan, plus your body will probably change over the next 5-7 years. When I was a freshman my parents got me a ~$400 tuxedo from like Dillards or Macy's (would prob get it from H&M now) and I wore it probably 30 times before replacing it for a nice one around age 25. I know that's not what you asked, it's just what I...
Look up Mr. Ned as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Knowledge is King Paul Stuart is charging for tailoring now? Wow. I've shopped there for close to a decade and have never been charged for any tailoring other than re-cutting trousers. Meant to address this as well...I was in there over the weekend trying on some stuff and there was a sign in the dressing room that said "Additional alteration charge for reduced price merchandise." Implying that alterations on...
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