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I think it's hard to give blanket advice about this, so much depends on where the school is (Sarah Lawrence has different norms than W&L) and what type of person you are giving advice to. Not to mention how much $ they can spend on clothes. The best advice here might be subtractive: don't wear hoodies, cargo shorts, ed hardy tees, athletic jerseys, anything too "designer".
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff IMO, the tie and cummerbund are not the right places to add color to black tie. The pocket square and socks are. I agree with you....though I would contest that the average Ben Silver shopper is a dope/moron/sartorially clueless/etc. Vineyard Vines sells bowtie/cummerbund sets with fish prints, and those are hideous but quite popular for a few years. Question: what is the button preference on ivory...
Quote: Originally Posted by TimelesStyle If you want the waist covering to match the tie, you could try this, from Ben Silver:,3233.html One of the few places I've seen sets where the tie isn't pre-tied. A lot of people on SF say one should never wear anything but a black tie with a tuxedo...if that's the case why do those sets from Ben Silver even exist? It's not like they're a fashion house...
I've tried on both of these - the BB is okay but the fit is boxy. It also has a center vent which irritates me for some reason. Wasn't a fan of the Hugo Boss version, the fabric felt cheap to me. Cufflinks: for formal occasions I typically wear oval sterling ones with my monogram. Anything silver would be fine, especially antique. I generally prefer silk knots with suits but not with formalwear.
Wow. Shirt/tie combo a bit much but a lovely suit if you like the TF style.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman Some unbelievable ignorance being shown by the colonials on this thread. Please, you are confusing ignorance with indifference and/or amusement. It is to your country's credit that the royals' role is now largely ceremonial and you aren't stuck with poor governance for life. Also - we haven't been colonies for about 240 years; please update your records.
Yeah, since it's made of cotton/spandex it's not formal. You want lightweight wool, or wool with a proportion of silk and/or linen. Both lapel styles are fine. Regarding cream/white, check out the subtle but nice contrast between jacket & shirt on Dr. Jones here.
1. I also recommend ivory/cream, for the same reasons above. 2. Brooks Brothers, Polo, & Paul Stuart have them. On the higher end, Bergdorf's has a nice selection from labels like Isaia, Belvest & Tom Ford. In general though they are somewhat rare and tend to be pricey so you might consider having it made for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Well I have done my part, I have worn white tie several times but I bet I never will have occasion to again. I think it's a dead form at this point. Definitely fading but dead is a stretch. You still see it at southern weddings and deb balls. Most guys don't like to wear it though for the same reason most people don't like tuxedos - they rent them, and rentals are crap. Edited to add: I do think Obama...
I have a pair of brown gucci loafers - classic design, thin leather sole, rounded toe, purchased around '05. I wear them a lot, probably 3 times per week (and walk around NYC a lot) and they have held up very well and look great. I have had to get the sole replaced every 2 years or so, at a cost of ~$80. I don't like their newer designs though - the colored ribbon under the snaffle is pretty flashy and the plain ones have chunkier looking soles.
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