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Does anyone know when Paul Stuart's next sale is, and if they typically include formalwear in the sale?
Kanye is wearing a Tory Burch tuxedo, according to Esquire. Is she starting a men's line? http://www.esquire.com/the-side/styl...s-2011-5677104 Another, much better picture of Colin. Great lapels and nice work on the pocket square. And Tom Ford - he always looks great, but the collar gap kills me.
Tonight is the annual Met Gala and the opportunity to laugh at how famous people dress is on par with the Oscars. First a couple good ones: Jay-Z in ivory (though not really warm enough yet and not a fan of the wing collar). Caleb Followill in a DB Firth looking a bit sloppier than usual. No idea what this fabric is on the dinner jacket. Any ideas? Notch. Is that a safety pin instead of a button? Atrocious. Well at least Hamish owns the look. I'm actually...
^^I like the 2nd one a lot - who makes it?
Tattersall could work, but not in a conservative office. Of if you're truly adventurous... http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...ult_color=Blue
Quote: Originally Posted by kuslamb Satin notch lapels, 2 button Missed this part - if not too late swap it for peak or shawl as recommended above. If they only work you've had done to it is suspender buttons those come off easily.
Agree with above, wear the bowtie instead of the long tie. Personally I've always thought of a vest as stodgier (and more waiter-like) than a cummerbund, and your standard single breasted high buttoning tuxedo vest robs you of the torso-enhancing deep V created by the contrast between your shirt and jacket. Honestly though if you don't feel like wearing a vest or cummerbund no one is likely to notice or care (James Bond didn't.) The braces you posted are fine, but...
Both of these are Phineas Cole.....Paul Stuart mainline has more 'normal' looking tuxedos. There's also a Phineas Cole midnight blue DB tuxedo that looks great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brianpore Thanks everyone for the posts. It was a very good trip into the city. I really like the fit of the BB Fitzgerald, the Paul Stuart Phineas Cole, and the Ralph Lauren Black Label. Unfortunately the OTR 36S Canali and Zegna cuts were all slightly too big in the shoulders. Paul Stuart is not one of the brands I see a lot on here. The quality seemed very good, and the salesman very nice and professional. Any input on...
This is like Renaissance fair meets Alice in Wonderland.
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