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Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Every Friday night, the Bloomingdale's at Roosevelt Field is packed with people either: a) spending their welfare checks. b) getting busted for shoplifting. Funny story i read somewhere - Rupert Murdoch trying to get the CEO of Bloomingdales to advertise more in the NY Post, his reponse: "Rupert, your readers are my shoplifters." Regarding the quality of the store, the 59th street one has some nice...
Honestly I think the pickpocket thing is overblown in Europe. I've spent plenty of time there and the only time i've seen/heard of it happening the victim was too hosed to tell what was going on. Same thing here in NYC, my friends from elsewhere seem to think it's "dangerous" but i've never had a problem. Just don't wear flashy (uninsured) jewelry, carry cash in one front pocket & ID/CC in other and you'll be fine.
Barcelona's really not that hot, at least in June (think low 80s/mid humidity). Florida is hotter & more humid. That said, you'll want to dress up a bit (compared to Florida) and that will make it effectively more hot. Think cotton twill pants, linen pants, slim khakis by day, dark jeans at night. Desert boot or loafers make a good walking shoe. (I find boat shoes/topsiders don't give much arch support, and are uncomfortable to walk in after an hour or so.) Barca is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman Once again, I have a Thomas Pink fly front formal shirt for sale. Turndown collar, maricella picque, French cuffs, 15.5 collar. BNWOT. $50 plus postage. You don't happen to have one in 16.5 do you?
Can you post a close up of the suit fabric/pattern? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by neeZy Oh wow - just saw that... I woulda just tossed them in the wash with all my other cottons. Still - awesome pants! Sorry for the sidebar but now I'm curious...what would happen if you DID wash them? Yeah seems weird since they're 100% cotton. These are great but a size too large unfortunately.
There's a place on 38th between 7th/8th that has a machine and will cut 8 buttonholes for $10. Sewing the buttons on is extra, like $2/per. I think it's called Jonathan's; it's on the south side of the street, like 50 yards from 8th avenue. The machines are in the back and sometimes there's a wait.
How would an Alfred Sargent size 11 compare with some US makers? Like if I wear a 12d in Alden would these fit me?
Bump for good products and quick response....i first pm'd at 10am and pants were in the mail 2 hours later.
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