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For sale is a pair of tan suede Gucci loafers, size 12. These are used but in very good shape - you can see the wear on the (original) sole in one of the photos. I'd estimate there's at least a year's life left in the current sole, and these can be resoled many times before the upper wears out. Wife bought these for me at an estate sale but they are a little too big - apparently suede Guccis run about a 1/2 size larger, as I wear a 12D in their calfskin loafers. $90...
It's Michael Bastian, but also a blatant rip-off of the All Blacks rugby jersey right down to the fern.
For some reason I tend to like donegals for a 3-piece - breaks up easily and if worn all together less visually jarring than herringbone. 8180 is a great color. Also think side-adjusters are the way to go here.
A bit out of the norm, but here are some members of South Africa's national rugby team (the Springboks) and their team blazers. Don't see this sort of thing much anymore - most nat'l teams/coaches either just wear suits or standard blazers with the union patch. Though from what I understand, at the amateur level piped or striped blazers are common, at least in the UK.
btw both the above coats are gorgeous - the rust bookster & the glorious twelfth.
Traditionally hacking (i.e. riding) jackets typically have three buttons and deep single vent, as this falls better and covers the upper leg when mounted. Though there is sometimes a difference between show/event coats and daily riding coats, and foxhunting is different altogether, closer to a frock coat.
^^Might want to stay away from those as they are ladies pants. I agree with Dewey above, jeans and chinos work nicely with tweed. If you are 26 I would avoid going overboard on the earth-tones and heavy textures in addition to the jacket, it can look kind of dowdy at that age. You can definitely wear patterned shirts with tweed - I would just make sure the scale and color of the shirt contrasts with the jacket. Also - for slim fit cords have a look at Rugby and Uniqlo.
Could anyone tell me what the pattern on this fabric is called? Scale seems too big to be called a glen plaid. (Sorry photo is sideways, couldn't figure out how to rotate it.)
Just went by the Hickey Freeman sale at Soiffer Haskin. Suits $550, Sportcoats $330, Overcoats $700. Good selection - didn't spend a ton of time with the suits but I saw glen plaids, normal looking pinstripes and some windowpanes. Some really nice sportcoats in herringbone, glen plaid, navy flannel, houndstooth, etc. Some linen sportcoats marked down to $200. A wall of shirts as well but really didn't go over there. Good stuff overall.
Really enjoyed the show, though TF's accent/speech pattern is beyond ridiculous - especially since he grew up in Texas. Also was a great ad for his suits, he looks like a $1,000,000 swanning about his design studio in that 3 piece.
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