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I tried a few on the other day, and as you mention, found Washington by far the slimmest. This is how I would classify them, starting with slimmest:Washington: highest armhole, slimmest sleeves & body, peak lapel, 3/2 button, strong (but not wide) shoulderLazio: lightly padded shoulder, slim but not constrictingSiena: soft shoulder, hacking pockets, higher button stance than the two aboveNapoli: shortest jacket, highest button stance, least suppressed waist
I share your frustration, all the RLBL stuff I see in shops is very austere. However, I went to the RL sample sale in NYC a while back and they had several RLBL great glen plaid/prince of wales idea where they were from original retail. So they do exist - somewhere.
I agree with you here, and clearly so does the Met - their comments on attire are clearly meant not to scare people off. I must say though, people tend to dress up for the Met and it is a very grand space. It would take quite a secure person to wear shorts there and not feel out of place.
A sportcoat with trousers (would avoid jeans) or a nice suit should be fine. Don't be afraid to be a bit of dandy if you are inclined because it's hard to stick out there. Weekends are more formal than weekday performances.
This is definitely true, outdoors weddings are much more popular now. Should also note that you still see white tie in the south, though this is rare and fading.Southerners typically know how to dress up for an event - which is why I was surprised that this was the case for Foo at a DC wedding.
You would not feel out of place if you attended the Metropolitan Opera in black tie on a Friday or Saturday night. Would guess no more than 20% are in black tie, but people are very dressed up in general, and in party clothes too - velvet jackets, bowties, ascots, etc. As as Southerner I might be biased, but amongst the well-to-do wedding are almost always black tie (exception: outdoor weddings in warmer months). If you're the type to grow up going to cotillions, country...
Love that windowpane tweed. Bookster has some added some new cloths to their site, and Sid Masburn has added a tweed jacket to his site as well. Also: shameless plug for a tweed J. Press jacket I have for sale in B&S: 41R, olive/brown herringbone, 95/5 wool/cashmere.
For sale are two sportcoats, both minimally worn and in great shape. Both $180. J. Press 41R olive/brown wool/cashmere tweed herringbone (photos 1-5) I bought this from the NYC J. Press shop maybe 3 years ago but have only worn it 4-5 times. 95%/5% wool/cashmere, made in Canada, very sturdy fabric, perfect for autumn & winter. 3/2 roll, single vent, flap pockets, non-working buttonholes. Measurements: Shoulder: 19.5" Chest: 20.5" Sleeve: 24.5" Length: 31" Joseph Abboud...
For sale are 9 ties from various makers. Prices & info below. All are in very good condition with minimal wear. Open to offers; discount for purchasing more than one. Photo 1 Ermengildo Zegna - 3.75" wide, scarlet color with flower design. $40 Thomas Pink - 3.75", purple w pink & baby blue polka dots. $40 Hermes - [SOLD] Ferragamo - 3.75", deep red garden scene with swans and arched bridges. Good for December. $30 Photo 2 - closeup of above ties -In both photos of tie #1...
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