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Do you have the APC NC's in black?
ALD belt ftw.
Lol add 5% for paypal? Aren't you selling this on mynudies for 30 bucks?
Heaps of them here in Au, they're like 180 AUD, which is rape, but with the AUD exchange rate, you might want to consider a proxy. Shoot me a PM if you want ;-)
Discount applies to everything? Including APCs?
You're not gonna get Tigers for $100 in Aus unless they're past season models on sale, especially not Mexico 66s since they're so popular. Retail price in Aus is 180 for most models. Platypus sometimes has 20% off storewide, but that happens like 2-3 times / year.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro Emily works for me so you will see her in a few days. I will make sure she and the others are up on the blog. specialy on sleep over nights. Plenty of pillow fighting picks. thanks Blake see you soon! Houston might be a possibility but it will be awhile. PS- EVERYONE I TOOK ALL THE SUGGESTIONS YOU GAVE ME FOR THE WEBSITE THREAD I MADE AND TOOK THEM ALL FOR THE MOST PART IN A COUPLE MONTHS YOU WILL HAVE THE...
Maybe try other cuts like AverageJoes or SlimJims which might fit better over boots seeing they have a bigger leg opening?
I got a pair from Cultizm too, really quick delivery. Just note, although they measure the same, the coated denim is very very stretchy, so if you want the same fit as your size 30 100% cotton Finns, you should size down one.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen What do you folks want to see out of the line? CCC loves to please the customers that have been loyal from day one. Red Moon x CCC Croc-skin leather wallet.
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