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Lose 40lbs of fat. Put on 20lbs of muscle. This will require lifting - which I haven't done in a year. Also running - which I haven't done in a year.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 Anyone have any working coupon codes? +1 These guys are stingy with the codes.
All Berries (straw, blue, black, rasp) Cherries Mango
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I don't think op's wife is progressive, just lazy. I know plenty of progressive women and they understand division of labor. +1
Do what makes you happy, knowing you're on a slippery slope toward shoe lifts and spanx...
Quote: Originally Posted by Another New Yorker Much less dangerous. Probably much less dangerous than taking 18-19 shots in an hour at a party because your best friend dared you. Also 50 beers over 12 hours isn't really that heavy of a consumption rate (I mean it's heavy, but on the danger level, it's pretty low). Nothing seems "that dangerous" until it is. Couple frat boys on our campus didn't survive pledging. A few students went to...
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera Rubinacci Gurkhas (on the left), one in each color of the rainbow and lined in the waistband and crotch with CVS cloth tape. I should be able to go all of the summer without laundering. The SW&D kids call this, "whiskering." *This* is how I keep from doing laundry? Outstanding.
Ever settle on elbow patches? Looking to have a tailor add a set to a thick, outerwear grandpa sweater as well as a tweed blazer.
Quote: Originally Posted by fiestaplatypus FYI, last day for the 20% off code, I believe Thanks, used the code today w/ signature.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexE All 100% cotton! +1 Though, I mistakenly purchased one with 3% spandex and have yet to return it. Rest assured it's going back to the retailer.
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