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What an idiotic idea. So on top of paying too much for a crappy suit, some folks will also be paying for other people's suits. Why not just lower retail prices by 30%?
^ Oh yeah!
Quote: Originally Posted by hypersonic Hmm, the Panamera. I like it too. I have read many negative comments about its appearance ...but I think that is mostly because it is unconventional (people can be so conservative and unimaginative). I think the Panamera is going to be a huge success. That's going to look really dated in about 5 years. Something about it reminds me of the design cues from the Infiniti FX...
Quote: Originally Posted by kjm My girlfriend's birthday is fast approaching and I don't yet have a gift. I remember about a month ago she mentioned that she wanted a pair flat boots. I know that's not a lot to go on, but do you any of you have an recommendations? Maybe something your girlfriend owns. She didn't provide a lot of detail, so I'm going for darkish brown leather boots. Black Pradas. They accentuate women's calves.
Quote: Originally Posted by wt888 This is impressive though: They're all impressive because they're made by companies that focus on construction, design, materials and performance, but I'd rather get the pedigree 2-door 9/11, Aston, or Lambo instead of a four-door. Maybe it's just me.
Quote: Originally Posted by KBW Just noticed this was one of Hearst's residences....His "Hearst Castle" that I don't think was ever lived in was for a long time (maybe still) the most expensive residence ever built. I lived right down the road for several years. Here's his other home That's a nice crib but the maintenance costs must be a killer. Then again, I imagine it's not much different from renting an entire hotel for yourself.
The current crop of 4-door sedans made from stretched two-door sports coupes isn't doing it for me.
fugly. But I'm glad to see some legroom in the back seat.
Bloomberg posted the following on mortgage deliquency rates and foreclosures: It's REALLY bad out there. ========================================================================= 01/31/09 12/31/08 11/30/08 01/31/08 01/31/07 ========================================================================= Bankruptcy 1.42% 1.40% 1.39% 0.90% 0.82% of which...
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