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I'd actually have a preference for the calf, but can swing suede. I just need an F or G fit.
This thread is so dangerous to my pocketbook.
How are the pants on this version? Previous models were quite slim through the thigh.
337 is wider, apparently.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Poplin is a plain weave so is more susceptible to wrinkling. Herringbone and twill weaves will be more wrinkle-resistant. Really I've never found a single shirt I've ever worn to be too wrinkly. Perhaps you need to just embrace the wrinkles. I definitely learned to love the wrinkles; I love the fabric and it's easily the highest quality shirt I own.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Insert - what the fuck do "mental relief" and "thermic effect"(whatever the fuck that is) have to do with protein intake? Thermic effect = TEF (thermic effect of food,, protein has higher TEF, so a higher % protein intake will have lower calories available to the body. I assume mental relief is related to satiety (if you aren't as hungry it's easier to...
If this is the 337 last, I'm in for an F fit.
Irons just fine for me. Just wrinkles like a motherf*****.
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