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Meta threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by arvidg [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Better? The latter is clearly CBD. To pick nits: Your shirt collar is too big Your tie is too loose in the second picture. Lose the windsor In the second fit, the tie is too close in shade to the suit; this outfit wants a little color. In the first, the blue tie with the blue gingham is . I haven't seen anything but micro-gingham pulled off as CBD, but this combo is outright yelling.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnmcnamee HenryFlower - The stitching on those buttons is an absolute joke! How on earth did that get through quality control?! Disgraceful. Indeed. No joy to handsew them back on. To be clear, I tugged the loose string a bit, so the buttons stitching problem wasn't as horribly obvious as pictured, but there were 3 buttons with loose strings, and a slight tug - no more button. Should be obvious QC.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats I am not convinced that it is CBD with that pattern for the bowtie. Can bowties ever be CBD?
Pics. iPhone, so not the highest quality, but hopefully gets the idea. Linen shirt, showing the linen quality and the button issues: Shot of before and after thick MOP (white shirt is before, cream shirt is after). This is much more notable in person; you can see that the new buttons are slightly smaller in diameter; you can see the milkiness and imperfections in the old buttons. What doesn't show as well is how the new buttons shimmer.
I just received my linen shirt. Cloth is really nice, fit is perfect, no issues with the armholes. Button stitching was a mess, however. Easily fixed, but I'm going to email their service folks. They've made a good upgrade to their MOP buttons, both the normal and thick -- much more translucent, less milky than previous. Unfortunately, they are out of the linen I used -- for future reference, the fabric # was l21. Will post pictures in a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido [[SPOILER]] While quite nice, I don't see how this is remotely CBD.
^ ^ This, and post only what you are pretty sure is CBD. Don't test borderlines. The point of CBD is style and expression within narrow boundaries, rather like a sonnet. Breaking obvious rules (bowties, bright green stripped tie and a 3 piece) defeats the point.
Quote: Originally Posted by Skanstull There is nothing Conservative business about a bowtie. Maybe in New Orleans, but certainly not in Oslo. Ironically, the tie in the other picture was far far worse.
Quote: Originally Posted by arvidg CBD or not? You decide. Clearly more CBD than is usual today. Stop trolling.
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