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Well, I'm clearly not Manton.
Quote: Originally Posted by CaymanS Controversial to do peak lapels on a DB? Ahh. Didn't see it was a DB from that view. While I'm clearly not Manton, just a guy trying to stem the tide, I'll quote edmorel: "I don't consider DB's CBD":
Quote: Originally Posted by arvidg It's not a windsdor, but either a FIH or a double FIH. (I don't remember.) Too thick for FIH. Quote: Originally Posted by arvidg What tie would you recommend with a summery, royal blue gingham? I'm not sure a wide check gigham is CBD. Perhaps it was the sun, but the overall impression was bright bright blue. A navy or chocolate grenadine would have toned down the shirt. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by CaymanS [[SPOILER]] Extreme cutaway is highly controversial as CBD item Peak lapels is pushing it as well. Both?
^^^^^ Arrggh. But Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Apart from never having warmed to PSs with contrast edges, I think both of these are great. Agreed -- warms my heart. Elegant style. Really like PG's playing around with blues and greys and textures, and aeglus is killing it with UCBD.
Quote: Originally Posted by koolhistorian Depends on where do you work ... government (high level) certainly not Hmm. From what I've seen, government people dress pretty poorly even at a reasonably high level where POW would be a huge step up startorially. There's a "daily media contact" high level (president + WH staff, congress, cabinet) that's all navy/charcoal + flag lapel pin + solid tie all the time, but folks I've seen in, say, EEOB or...
Meta threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by arvidg [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Better? The latter is clearly CBD. To pick nits: Your shirt collar is too big Your tie is too loose in the second picture. Lose the windsor In the second fit, the tie is too close in shade to the suit; this outfit wants a little color. In the first, the blue tie with the blue gingham is . I haven't seen anything but micro-gingham pulled off as CBD, but this combo is outright yelling.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats I am not convinced that it is CBD with that pattern for the bowtie. Can bowties ever be CBD?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido [[SPOILER]] While quite nice, I don't see how this is remotely CBD.
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