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Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier [[SPOILER]] Not CBD. Oh... Wait....
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo MC is bespoke vs the rest. That's how I see it. This is such bullshit, at least WRT this thread. There are regular posters who wear bespoke, RTW, straight BB RTW, and thrifted clothing, and no sneering at the non-bespokers.
^^^ That's what this thread has been missing.
I'll play, looking for feedback and critique. Crappy iPhone pictures, alas. I can see that the arms and pants need a bit more length. PS was white linen with just a hint showing (I'm generally the only person for miles around with a PS). POW is slightly suspect with a faint lavender overcheck, but you'd have to be really close and looking to tell. Shoes aren't quite so shiny in real life.
Because it spawns threaks like this?
Quote: Originally Posted by etb Chest measurement on the BL seems way too small. 40R for a smaller than 40" chest. Strange. Whole thing (drop 7, tiny chest) seems to be designed for super skinny guys with broad shoulders. Probably ideal if that's your body type.
In the running for Belgrave, but not for suede
I'm going to take myself out of the running for the Belgrave suede -- my shoe collection isn't large enough to justify it.
Quote: Originally Posted by david123 ModernTailor: Has there been any progress on finding a better thick MOP button supplier? For me and many others, this is the last big sticking point and has been for a while. Thanks. See my post a few pages back.
This is just a tad precious.
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