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Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Buttoning point a bit high....Uninspired combination with not a single patterned item. These were the first two things that lept out at me. Looks washed out, and the buttoning point is off enough to notice. Overall, an OK CBD effort, not a nuclear smackdown.
The OP's question is pretty silly, but the TEF of the second diet is higher than the first diet, so the second dieter will lose weight faster and lose muscle slower (because of the decreased need to raid muscle to deal with amino acid needs).
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE The correct answer would be Alden longwing in black x 5. That would be Plaza-lasted single sole longwing in shell cordovan color #8. For the OP: But seriously, my advice would be: 1) Go black plain (or lightly brogued) captoe oxford if you like the look and/or need highly conservative shoes (for interview or more conservative environments). If you aren't...
Every CIA analyst should receive a Vox sized tie collection.
Can we declare MBreinin winner of round 2 by default yet?
Mucho happy with Mercuryman76; good transaction with wcl
Uggh. Popcorn is stale.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Après le feu d'artifice éclairci le ciel Tuesday: This should something more like: Mardi, apres le feu d'artificie elaira le ciel. The grammer is probably still wrong, but at least it doesn't have the 4th happening on a Tuesday. In France, it would be Vendredi, apres le... eclairera...., and this would clearly be a picture from the future. Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria [[SPOILER]] Shy cuff...
Wow, so even this thread is going meta. Some unsolicited thoughts: 1) Folks are reading way too much into what edmorel wrote. The basic criteria for posting here should be that you: a) Are wearing what would be classically defined as men's clothing (suits, scs, good well-styled casual clothing) and, b) Think your fit is good and worth showing off The criteria for (b) are relative to your current experience -- I don't think anyone objects to less experienced folks...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel When you are dressed like a grown man that is going to an interview/first date/art gallery/client meeting/wedding etc post here. When you are dressed like you are going to a Phish concert, post on Facebook. QFT.
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