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Violent Femmes. Yay! That is all.
Quite possibly because all the mammalian alligators have been made extinct by thoughtless shoe buyers.
Wow. Lots of low post count members all enthusiastically recommending the same service. Almost like a coordinated astroturf marketing strategy. Almost. If it was coordinated, it wouldn't be so ham handed, one would hope.
Where have you been?
Those pants are awesome. Deets?
Just picked these up from the SF Alden Shop: Crappy pictures, but ravello LWBs. Super pleased -- most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, and so sharp.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tyrone MacStiophain A daring mix of patterns. Children have it all over adults for daring pattern mixes. Much less surface area for pattern to get overwhelming.
Just to add more clarification for the record: I'm an eu50, generally take 34". HY eu52/36" works for me, but not much room for keys/etc. in the front pockets (but that's what the jacket is for), and the fit is slim but comfortable in the thighs and seat. My thighs are 24", which is big but not monster truck sized; if you have truly massive thighs, HY probably won't work.
I have weightlifter thighs and butt and am reasonably lean; sizing up in HY works just fine. Sizing up doesn't work for Mabitex, as I've recently sadly learned.
If you are going to drop $1,500 each, why not go bespoke? Or you can pick up three Howard Yount jackets now, and three when he has fall/winter available.
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