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Basted sleeves are thy enemy. Help me slay them with San Francisco's best buttonhole tailor. Thy reward is eternal honor...and a beer at the next SF in SF meet up. Now with more poll (and yes, I see the irony)!
The coasters were amazing. He gave one to a friend of mine. Lucky gal.
I was wearing a Steven Alan reverse seam shirt today to work and at lunch someone remarked to me how my shirt was 'broken'.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Funny you should ask this.. Starting in a week we'll be doing full denim repairs on ALL jeans at Self Edge San Francisco. It'll be a flat rate of about $40 regardless of what's wrong with your jeans. We've acquired a full line-up of vintage machines including one of the only Singer Darning machines from the 50's in the entire country and will be doing all repairs including missing buttons and zipper...
I blew out the crotch in my favorite APC New Standards. Anywhere I should take them in for repair in SF? What about LA? I know there is denim doctors, anyone get anything done there?
I am, PM me, please. I was looking at the Samsung NB 305 yesterday and Windows 7 blows.
Anyone check out Capsule this week? Some good things, I think, besides the workwear, some of the European brands were killing it. Anyone else go? Thoughts?
NYC is way better than SF. People say it's like a small New York when SF is really more like a bigger Omaha but with bridges and better food.
Spa suggestions would be cool too.
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