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they have a 240 a night deal at Jetsetter for a room that's 367 on their website, plus, a bonus, is free wifi. I hate being nickel and dimed an extra 20 bucks a day.
Anyone stay there? I have four nights in NYC and this looks interesting.
The only chinos I'll wear, they run somewhat small with a low rise, but they wash and wear great.
yfyf, you're 4/3 blog is great, I want to see more. I guess it comes down to the S90 vs GF1 vs G11. I'm going to play with all them next week, I think I may end up getting a GF1 AND an S90.
I just spent the last twenty minutes building Porsches on the website. I hate you guys. Like they say, you can live in your car, but you can't drive your house.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria GT3. - B Spend the extra coin and get the GT3 RS. Sick, sick, sick. Though, as an NE daily driver, you're better off with a Panamera or Cayenne. I love the Panamera.
Anyone have one? Or played with it? What do you think? I want to replace my Nikon G9.
Quote: Originally Posted by rogerm I don't know how I got on their email list, but I've been getting emails from this place for the past month. The stuff looks pretty good, but I have no experience with them. does anyone? They do have some nice looking stuff. There's one in the SF Center, near Bloomies on the 4th floor. Stuff is a nicer version of American Eagle, who owns them. It's a poor man's J Crew. Everything I bought from them is...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 I'd say Seymour's Fashions I wasn't too happy with the work they did for me last year. I don't know if I'd trust them again.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria "Best buttonhole" seems like a dangerous line of inquiry in San Francisco. Are you down with all of that city's code words? - B Et tu, Voxy?
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