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Quote: Originally Posted by Parker I'm curious as well. I think gdl recommended Cooper Square for it's various room options. (not all the rooms are tiny). I'm going for a week in April. Deciding between The Bowery and 60 Thompson. I booked four nights in a cooper 4, which is a corner room off of Jetsetter. The location is great and I got a good deal and I am always looking for new hotels. I used to stay the Parker in midtown, that place is...
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty The Ace is in a shitty area and overrun with kids. If I walked into a hotel lobby and found it swarming with bearded, plaid-clad, indy boot wearing kids from Williamsburg tapping away at their macbooks all bloody day, I'd turn around, get back in my cab and head to the Four Seasons. If you want to be a little north, a friend just got three nights at the Hudson for about $450. lefty I stayed at the Hudson...
they have a 240 a night deal at Jetsetter for a room that's 367 on their website, plus, a bonus, is free wifi. I hate being nickel and dimed an extra 20 bucks a day.
Anyone stay there? I have four nights in NYC and this looks interesting.
How's Fox going to spin the new Obama, er, Scott Brown, breaking ranks so soon?
The only chinos I'll wear, they run somewhat small with a low rise, but they wash and wear great.
yfyf, you're 4/3 blog is great, I want to see more. I guess it comes down to the S90 vs GF1 vs G11. I'm going to play with all them next week, I think I may end up getting a GF1 AND an S90.
I just spent the last twenty minutes building Porsches on the website. I hate you guys. Like they say, you can live in your car, but you can't drive your house.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria GT3. - B Spend the extra coin and get the GT3 RS. Sick, sick, sick. Though, as an NE daily driver, you're better off with a Panamera or Cayenne. I love the Panamera.
Anyone have one? Or played with it? What do you think? I want to replace my Nikon G9.
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