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What do you guys think of April 77 jeans?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing All you foodies. You just wear the skins of exotic animals while we all eat the flesh.
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Some of my favorites in SF. Some for food, some for atmosphere: Bar Bambino - - Does anyone remember 42 Degrees? I liked that place. I love Bar Bambino, such a good place to go for a bottle of wine, some cheese and meats and catching up with friends.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I'm not surprised to hear this. Your quote of my post makes me realize that I must pay more attention to when I use it's and its. I used to be a copy editor years ago, so perhaps it was a subliminal grammatical nudge towards you, RSS.
When you get the sleeve shortened, do you ask the tailor to taper the sleeves too? I have a suit jacket that was recently shortened and they didn't taper the sleeves. It looks like a hot dog thrown down a hallway. Should the do it automagiclly, or do you ask for it? Also, do you cut the sleeves on an angle at the cuffs for all, or just some of your jackets?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I miss Hathorne Lane. The food was good enough ... but loved the space. It's reincarnation as Two just doesn't cut it for me. I went to Two last year, not good, I heard they were going out of business. Quote: Originally Posted by volatility smile Ritual on Valencia for coffee, and for ice cream Bi Rite can't be beat. I went to both places today, threw in Self Edge and Union Made...
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Edit: Anyone here have recent experience with the South Park Cafe? I know it's still there as I recently drove by. Eight to ten years ago it was where I went for a modest sit-down meal ... with French flavor. I've been a few times in the last year, I like the place, not the most scintillating food, but good solid French food, which I like. Their Prix Fixe menus is a good bargain too. The space is nice as...
I think another SF in SF meet up should come soon. I'm getting hungry. Binge, any in the works?
I am super into : Namu - Balboa/6th - odd Korea tapas, really good, famous for their Korea Tacos The Corner - 18th/Mission - weird Cali cuisine and good drinks for cheep.
I'm hoping we can pin this. I am looking for a good list, any recs, I'll start. Hotels: Restaurants in SF and Oakland Pizzaiolo - Oakland Camino - Oakland Butter in SF: A bar that serves tater tots and deep-fried twinkies. It has drink specials like the Latch-Key Tea and Shotgun Wedding. Beretta - Sit's great Tartine Bakery - croissants and morning buns Humphrey Slocombe's artisan ice cream crazy flavors: Papalote in the Mission Ike's Place- Known for...
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