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I have three pairs of each, essentially the same shoe in terms of construction. That said, my BoO's have a lot more style, stand out in the pack and those in the know, know what I am wearing. If that matters to you, it matters to me, I'm vain. I also like the details and styling more. I have a pair of the black chukkas I can wear with a slim suit and some reverse seam suedes that look ill with shorts.
Suchada is awesome for a massage. Really nice, upscale Thai massage. There are two locations, the one in Soma is small, the new on near the Embarcadero is bigger. http://www.sfthaimassage.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoodie Tees, LLC Do you know where Kayne West got this purple cardigan? I'm looking to purchase one that look just like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! I got one last season at Club Monaco, they were about 270 bucks and have a Thom Browne-esque cuff button on the sleeves. I wear mine with a Black Fleece tatersall shirt, some jeans and a blue sport coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by shellshock hopefully from getting hit by a fedex truck while trying to ride down huge hills in SF on a bike with no brakes...? I once asked a fixie bike shop owner if he knew if there were higher mortality rates for fixie owners in SF than non-fixie owners. I see so many Mission District douchetards riding their fixies and they have no clue how to ride one. Same with those Puch scooter kids. There will be a...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Why do you hate the earth? All the cool kids are composting and using the compost for their urban microfarms, at least in SF and Brooklyn they are.
Composting, handmade foods and snack, chicks in tight jeans and good coffee.
Count me in!
I'm going to be in NYC next week and wanted to go watch shopping. I want something vintage, like a Sub or Datejust from my birthyear, or a cool Speedy. Any one have shop recs in Manhattan?
Fuck you, Bohner.
Looked at the gear, meh.
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