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I really like the RL ones, the material is thick and has a thick interlining, so they don't get shot after a few wears. I bought my last two at Sawgrass Mills for like 12 bucks each from 70 msrp.
I have about ten of them, wearing one now. Mine are all Polo, the outlets have them and Bloomingdales always seems to have a few on sale. Best Belts with shorts in the world.
We talk about clothes and post pics and flame each other when a lapel isn't stitched right or if a shirt is too billowy - fun yes, but all meaningless if it wasn't for all the brave vets holding it down for us around the world. Thanks for everything and making America safe and proud...
Please pm me the details...
How much is that? Can you post a pic?
Help! I am visiting my parents, who's idea of 'good food' is Peppermill at the Waterways. Any restaurant suggestions from any of you. Not too pricey or fancy, please, as my parents really won't appreciate it.
When does the real sale start and will it still only be 30% off on Blue Label?
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness In Leipzig?? Jesus, you are American. A lot of vitriol leading to no answers, typically French. Feh! So, like I asked before, I have an extra day, are there any shopping recommendations in Leipzig?
Off to Leipzig next week for work and have an extra day. Has anyone been? Any shopping recommendations for Leipzig? This may be a stretch does anyone know of any good vintage watch shops there too?
I have three pairs of each, essentially the same shoe in terms of construction. That said, my BoO's have a lot more style, stand out in the pack and those in the know, know what I am wearing. If that matters to you, it matters to me, I'm vain. I also like the details and styling more. I have a pair of the black chukkas I can wear with a slim suit and some reverse seam suedes that look ill with shorts.
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