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Di Stefanosuits is downtown. Does a lot of custom for the movies and tv. Great quality, I've seen his work.
Come dark, stay off of 4th Street. It's skid row. I live in the arts district and the street starts to get nicer about Alameda.
I started working out a lot lately and my Hermes soap can't stand up to my BO. Damn French! What soaps do you use to prevent BO and keep smelling clean.
Eau Sauvage, I smell like my dad in 1977.
The Mazzuoli is based on the design of an old Alfa speedo, I seem to remember. I saw a Chrono a few years back, in brushed steel with a carbon fiber dial, that looked amazing. I really like these and would go for as a vintage designed one as I could. That said, not all watches should be collector pieces, some are meant to be worn and loved as an object. I'm wearing an Ernst Benz as I write this and while it has no real value in the collectors market and they sell...
Looking to buy Hermes Bangle Bracelets. Send a PM if you have any vintage or can get a deal on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix That's an odd question . Seersucker is all cotton. Or do you mean (where to get/who make) good seersucker fabric? I will send my friend to Chan/My Tailor, which books should he look at does Holland & Sherry or Dormeuil or Loro Piana make a good seersucker fabric. Which would you recommend? Also, I have seen wool/cotton blends on seersucker.
My friend is getting married and wants a seersucker suit for the May wedding. I think he'll go to Chan or MyTailor, can anyone recommend good fabric options for seersucker?
I bought a pair of deep dark Navy Norwegian lace ups at Bergdorfs this summer, they were the Bergdorf house brand, just lovely with a slight aging patina on the toe. Very Italian, they may still have them, weren't inexpensive, but lovely shoes.
any in LA to recommend?
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