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The control did get better once I found the right amount. I now use around two half-full fingertips of it (not one full fingertips at once). I get the strays standing out after the first application, but got the full form, and finish with another round to keep the form and tame the strays. I also found out that it has amazing natural shine when you add a little coconut oil as a topper. Seriously, my hair never looked so good without any sign of wetness or being overly...
I had a quick run with the Baxter of California Clay Pomade this morning. I did get the promised firm but flexible hold and matte finish. However, I'm not convinced if I like it or not. The smell of fennel may put some folks off. I love it (I also eat quite a lot of it, so that's that). The consistency is hard at first, but when you work it in your hands, it gets nice and creamy very fast. It almost feels like it totally dissolves between your palms and I had a hard time...
Got my Heritage Moc Toe boots in classic tobacco. Finally nice boots with exchangeable insoles. The leather really is great. They're softer and slightly less roomy than my Red Wing 8881s (may be the orthopedic insoles too). I'm really glad I finally pulled the trigger. I'll shoot a few pics after all the dubbing is absorbed.
There's a ton of websites around that sell a vast range of pomades, often already sorted by how strong the hold is. I don't want to advertise any sites I haven't dealt with my own, so just go around and google it. If you need any advice, research some blogs (there's a bunch of them out there) and youtube channels, all devoted to grease. You'll find your fit with a bit of trying around.
That's a light hold, but let us know how it turned out. Maybe you'll like it anyways. And please, punctuation saves lifes. Use it.
I'd go with a heavy pomade. Oil-based pomades don't harden up - which is good because you still won't get out of recombing your hair after removing your helmet. There's no product that can just ignore the pressure a good helmet puts on your hair. The key is to chose a product that easily lets you recomb your hair and to have that comb in your pocket whenever you feel you'll need it. I'd suggest the Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold. The hold is very good and it's not very...
Glad I finally ordered my Mocs last week before the prices can go up. Classic brown. I'm excited.
To the guys asking questions about how the leather wears: there might be some special characteristics for the different kind of oils you can treat your boots with, but comparing how they react with the shoes is sometimes a bit difficult. You're wearing leather, it's animal hide and varies a bit from shoe to shoe. Sometimes it softens a bit more, sometimes it gets a few more wrinkles. It will probably darken. But not the same as someone elses boot did. Wear is character and...
I've encountered them on the 'bay in Tobacco, Hazelnut and Yellow Mustard, all from the same seller.
Has anyone already gotten a glimpse of the Thorogood premium/custom mocs? They're even closer to the Red Wings.On the 'bay in Hazelnut, Tobacco (seen below) and Mustard Yellow. [[SPOILER]] If the insoles are also exchangable, I'll get some asap.
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