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To the guys asking questions about how the leather wears: there might be some special characteristics for the different kind of oils you can treat your boots with, but comparing how they react with the shoes is sometimes a bit difficult. You're wearing leather, it's animal hide and varies a bit from shoe to shoe. Sometimes it softens a bit more, sometimes it gets a few more wrinkles. It will probably darken. But not the same as someone elses boot did. Wear is character and...
I've encountered them on the 'bay in Tobacco, Hazelnut and Yellow Mustard, all from the same seller.
Has anyone already gotten a glimpse of the Thorogood premium/custom mocs? They're even closer to the Red Wings.On the 'bay in Hazelnut, Tobacco (seen below) and Mustard Yellow. [[SPOILER]] If the insoles are also exchangable, I'll get some asap.
Love the horsehides, blaster! Go and snap some pics whenever you've got the time, please, I'd love to see more! Also, I've been wondering - would you order the same size in Thorogood mocs as in Red Wing mocs?
DC, I really like the way those dbs look on you. Also, love the tie-sock-shoe combination!
I see your point, I'll ditch the shirt. The chance for error is bigger when you're bigger.
Haha, I wish it was. And the pose really doesn't help.
I guess elisix will like these colours [[SPOILER]]
Ah, I see Maybe try to bring some variety into those layers. Like this, it makes you look boxier than you are, at least in pic 2.
Is that a print on the pants? :/ Did you layer two shirts? I think you'd be fine with one.
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