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Clear polish may temporarily darken the color a bit, usually for the better. Yes, it helps hide scratches.
This is truly a brand that only looks good on asians
Stop buying Express and look at other brands or even online made to measure shirt makers. Same gor trousers. Don't worry about the belt, on my pants it isn't for much more than aesthetics.
Buttoning point is very high so the jacket would look unbalanced if it was longer. Overall I don't like the cut of the jacket, the lapels ride really high too.
Got one of these. Unfortunately it was labeled wrong and thus was the wrong size. After some emails (their English is not very good) I got them to exchange it, but the proper one hasn't arrived yet. In any case the measurements were spot on for size 54 (was labeled 50) and quality seemed good. Could use more contrasting buttons and lining. Looks a bit darker than the picture in most lighting.
To me the affiliate threads have gotten so out of hand that we actually need a proper subforum for them. While it's great that they get this kind of attention, they do detract from the original purpose of the forum. So how about cramming a big ass link or two on top to a subforum where all the affiliate threads would reside? I too really like the threads that go in-depth with construction and details as well as the ones where people argue about style in general.
I've been watching the series recently and aside from the baggy pants (and shirts) and way too big shoulders they're not bad at all. At least they don't have slim lapels, gorges that try to disappear on the shoulders or buttoning points at the diaphragm.
1. Specs Air Force Blue color 3 piece Peak lapel jacket (medium width lapel, gorge height so that it doesn't escape to the shoulders but doesn't sit too low on the chest either) Shawl lapel vest Somewhat structured shoulders Single button jacket with a fairly low buttoning point Four button vest, again with buttons set fairly low to show more tie Jacket pockets with flaps, jetted pockets on vest Trousers with belt loops In general the suit would have a fairly slim fit as...
It's probably a combination of a lot of things: The very high gorge, slightly too high buttoning point and the placement of the pockets. If the buttoning point was lower and the pockets a bit lower as well it would look more balanced. The fit seems perfect otherwise.Overall I have to say that Kent Wang's default suit design seems a bit "wrong" to me. That high gorge is a deal breaker for me and based on how many people are lowering the buttoning point and lengthening the...
Those are already really slim but you probably have shorter legs than the imaginary person H&M aimed for. Try folding them and see where that gets you. Then get them shortened.
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