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Way too tight all over. Especially the arms.
Probably a few months or more. It will always be a bit stiff but it will be comfortable eventually.
Did you try regular Wayfarer? The new ones look a bit small (for me they are fine as I have a small head) so the normal ones might be ok.
Looks good to me. A rare case where the buttoning point of SS jackets looks fine.
Most people won't notice or care. Choose based on what you think looks nicest.
Agreed. Seems like he didn't ask them to fix the two basic issues with all SS designs: high button point and gorge creeping to the shoulders.
Clear polish may temporarily darken the color a bit, usually for the better. Yes, it helps hide scratches.
This is truly a brand that only looks good on asians
Stop buying Express and look at other brands or even online made to measure shirt makers. Same gor trousers. Don't worry about the belt, on my pants it isn't for much more than aesthetics.
Buttoning point is very high so the jacket would look unbalanced if it was longer. Overall I don't like the cut of the jacket, the lapels ride really high too.
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