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Thanks! I guess I'll go for a long then because at least in product pics the button stance of many Suitsupply models looks a bit high. Which is unfortunately standard for most sportcoats and suit jackets nowadays. I do have long arms and back but it's often been a case by case situation whether the regular or long model fits me. How does the long sizing work? If I'm a EU 50 then what would be the equivalent long size? From specs it looks like it would be 98. I'm looking...
Does anyone know why the long version of a jacket is a bit narrower at the chest and upper waist according to Suitsupply's size guide? Also do you know if the long version is just longer or does it also have a lower button stance?
They look alright. Tucked always looks better, even with casual styles.
Yup, too long sleeves.
Yes, they are.
Bright red is a very rare colour in men's shoes. I have a pair and usually wear them with a more casual outfit like black jeans and a sportcoat.
If the jacket fits, I'd just keep it and avoid the hassle. I know it's not what you ordered but it's still a very similar jacket and in my experience the slanted pockets are a lot more useful. I have a DR and a QDR so I can compare.
Yes, a more casual waistcoat fabric would be best, something with a texture. Always wear a tie with a vest, it looks so much better. Don't worry too much about the tie fabric, just use one that complements or contrasts your other clothes. If you have a patterned shirt, use a plain tie to avoid too much pattern in your getup.
Get ones that fit well or slightly bigger that fit well with padded insoles. Some models might require some breaking in before they're truly comfortable.
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