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Get ones that fit well or slightly bigger that fit well with padded insoles. Some models might require some breaking in before they're truly comfortable.
If they were not meant to be used why have pockets at all. Keep your hands in them or store something.
As long as you don't wear one that looks like it belongs to a suit or is "waiterish" or like you came from a wedding, you'll be fine. For example I think some rougher fabrics in contrasting colors look fine with dark jeans and some pattern or texture is usually better than plain.
Or if you can afford it, do like I did and order two sizes, send the wrong one back.
Depends on the model. They can have different measurements. For example the burgundy coat has wide shoulders and short sleeves but my camel coat has narrower shoulders and longer sleeves. I had to size up to fit a jacket underneath.
So a downright dull looking jacket at a ridiculous price? Let me get my wallet.
Got my camel coat today. Bought sizes 50 and 52 with the intent of sending one back. I'm 184cm/80 kg semi-athletic build. Both sizes fit fine when wearing just a shirt but if you put a jacket underneath the 50 was too snug, mainly in the arms and chest. There was some pulling on the top button and the arms were a bit constricted. The sizing seems to be similar to a suit because I normally wear size 50 / UK 40 and the coat in size 50 fits perfectly as long as I don't have...
Don't worry about the strap. Get a watch you like and swap the strap for a leather one. On most models it's easy to do yourself as long as you have a tiny flathead screwdriver. I've had good luck with straps bought from eBay too.
I'd say a lot of it is getting used to traditional dress shoes that are nowhere near as cushioned as sneakers or more casual shoes. Nowadays I can easily be wearing my shoes 8+ hours a day without discomfort. Not to mention it takes a few days for new shoes to break in during which they can be slightly uncomfortable.
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