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I need ideas. I'm taking a wine class, and we're supposed to evaluate two versions of a drink that's not wine. Examples given were Coke vs. Pepsi, or Budweiser on draft vs. bottles. What's the trashiest possible drink I can write a serious evaluation about? Ideas so far include malt liquor out of different Reidel stemware, mouthwash neat or on the rocks, or beer shotgunned vs. drank normally. Can anyone top those?
Wasn't the barrel picking supposed to be today?
I've had Orval ranging from a week to 4 years old, I can't say I ever detected any sourness. It definitely changes, but I don't think there's even much of a discernible difference every 6 months, much less enough where it gets perceptibly worse and then better. Brett isn't even generally something I would describe as sour, although for some reason that does seem to be a common misconception among people who should know better. On that note though, Jester King had a keg of...
The really sad thing is he was actually familiar with both beers, so I don't know what prompted that suggestion. I hoped it was just a slip of the tongue, but he was adamant I should be satisfied with Rochefort as a substitute. His reasoning for not having Orval on the list was that he's aging it, because apparently Orval goes through peaks and valleys of flavor in 6 month increments... I would almost think he was messing with me if he didn't get so annoyed at me for...
I tried to order an Orval the other day at what was supposed to be the best beer bar in Houston. The fedora wearing bar manager told me they didn't have Orval, but if I wanted something similar I could try a Rochefort 10 instead. Pretty astounding, he even tried arguing with me when I told him I thought those two beers were different.
Old Rip Van Winkle. First time trying this, it's decent. Definitely my least favorite in the series, I'd even prefer Weller 12. Might do WL Weller next, I haven't had that either.
Live Oak Pilz is too fucking good. One of the best beers brewed in Texas. I can't wait for it to be canned. I didn't take pictures, but I spent the day at Jester King the other day and hung out with their brewer. I got to try a 3 day old bottle of Petite Prince and the new batch of Foederweizen directly out of the foeder. Both incredible, the Foederweizen smelled funky as hell, but hasn't really soured yet. Can't wait for it to be bottled.
I'm having a Brash Cortado right now. This is my third beer from them and I think it's already my favorite brewery in Houston. Pretty impressive considering they only opened their brewery a month or two ago. This one is a coffee imperial stout that they made with a local coffee roaster. I really hope they start bottling at some point.
How much was it going for? One bar here had it for $45 a pour, but I saw it last night for $15 so I jumped on it. No idea how much a bottle would sell for though. It was really strong on the sherry flavor.
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