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I would think the water would separate from the alcohol and get kind of gross, but I've never tried it.
Spain is pretty awesome.
I went to the Zwanze Day at Jester King last year, it was pretty cool. They did a lottery system though to get to try it, so it eliminated most of the craziness of people getting there at 3am and waiting in line, and kept the crowds down. There's one near Barcelona I'm considering going to, but I haven't really put much thought into it yet. I can easily get every other Cantillon here anyway pretty much, so there's less of a draw.
Had a lambic for the first time the other day, it was two years old. It was much more sweet than I thought it would be, but I liked it.
Yeah, I got that book as a gift and can't say I've had any interest in cooking anything out of it. I've seen it sitting on shelves at restaurant bars way more than I've heard of anyone actually using it.
I searched the site and didn't see a thread for this, sorry if I missed something. I'm going to be in London next week for a few days. Traveling solo, and I'll have a lot of free time. I haven't booked a hotel or made reservations anywhere yet, so I was hoping for recommendations. I love Indian food, so I'm definitely looking for that. I also like fine dining, cocktails, beer. Really anything, I'm pretty open if it's good and I can either make reservations or eat at the...
Literally just got around to having the Zombie Killer I got in the Christmas beer exchange. Wow. So good. This is the first time I've had a mead I actually like, everything available in Texas has been overly sweet with too many off flavors.
Get a wine shipper from a wine store. They make a 12 bottle shipper, that's probably the easiest way. Don't use USPS to ship, if you get caught there's actual criminal penalties.
Opinions on this BA thread? Basically, a guy found out through backchannel means about an unannounced beer being released, so he posted about it on Beeradvocate. The brewery didn't appreciate that at all, and pretty much told him as much. This brewery also asks for help from volunteers in bottling. The guy wasn't a volunteer, but he somehow managed to get access to one of those pre release bottles, which aren't supposed to even be drank until the release day since they're...
They were maguey worm tacos, then minnow tacos. Both are at least relatively popular in Mexico, and I trusted the restaurant I was at wouldn't put them on the menu if they weren't good. Neither had very much flavor honestly, they were both fried. I liked the minnows better. And I was eating at tacos at a bar, I didn't really care about replacing the silverware between courses.
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