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Got the mystery wine at Compagnie des Vins Surnatuerels tonight. It's also really delicious.
I guess I'm more asking if it's a good value in general compared to other ridiculous high end Champagnes. I've had high end Champagnes, but more in the $70 to $150 range than the $200 to $400 range like Selosse. I'm not really sure if it's worth the upcharge over something like Laherte Freres or Savart.I'm getting it at wholesale, but it's still incredibly expensive.
Is Sellose worth it? Might be able to get a bottle each of the Initial and Substance, but they're pretty expensive.
Yeah, I've had very few Napa Cabs I would spend the money on. Fortnight was good for like $22, but the new vintage is a California blend. The Band of Vintners Consortium is good but closer to $30 or $35. As for what I had today... Nice little pet nat. I've liked most of the wines Zev Rovine brings in, I just wish they were easier to find here. This was a perfect match with Indian food. Not aggressively weird, but there was a little bit of volatile acidity and funk....
Tried Clos Rougeard for the first time tonight. Pretty damn good, I can see the hype.
New release, single Saint Emillon cask. Fucking incredible. Nick has been crushing it with his recent releases.
Drinking a Ferrari. 50/50 Fernet and Campari. It's generally a shot but I'm having it stirred on the rocks. Surprisingly good.
You're getting a really good deal, it's like $10 more in Texas. There's a 21 Year one too that I've been meaning to try. For anyone curious, the name refers to a variety of apple, the spirit actually comes from California.
So herbal. I was listening to a podcast on agave spirits and this is finally available in Texas so it's perfect.
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