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Tried 2013 Matthiasson Ribolla Gialla today. Incredible wine. Whole cluster fermented for a month, and it's the earthquake vintage so the barrel fell and the wine got slightly oxidized. I love orange wines and this is one I could drink every day.
Chris Lowder? Great guy, I was really sad when he left NY, he was managing bar at The Nomad. They have a cocktail on their list called Seoul Mate named in his honor. He's definitely one of the most talented bartenders I've ever met.
Yes.Yes.The Arte Nom stuff is really good too. Or just drink mezcal.
How long have Rodenbach cans been around? That's one of the last beers I would have thought would start canning.
I'm very disappointed to hear the news about Copain. I didn't expect it at all either, they didn't seem like the type to sell out.
That sucks. I got to meet him the other week, he's a super nice guy. There weren't many people at the event so we talked for probably 45 minutes. He said he may want to do a can conditioned IPA for Europe in the future which would be pretty awesome. I do greatly prefer √225 to Bon Chien though, it's much more balanced with the sourness.
Does anyone have a source for Lolin Anchovies in America? I can only find them in stores in Europe.
Really solid, well integrated acidity and sugar. Stupid cheap too. Next bottle I don't have a picture of, but it was 2012 Sebastien Riffault Sancerre Skeveldra. My first time having orange Sancerre, holy fuck was it good. I had it with my parents who are novice wine drinkers, and they shockingly loved it even though it was super weird. The owner of the bar described it as tasting like Snapple Peach Iced Tea.
Absinthe old fashioned. I've been experimenting tonight, earlier was a stirred Ferrari. Both were surprisingly good.
Not on my own, but yes.
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