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I thought the exact same thing when I saw that a few weeks ago. Texas is great.
It upsets me greatly that Europe gets all my favorite American beers while Cantillon and Westvleteren sits on the shelf. You're not supposed to have it all. I'll take solace in knowing that it's nearly impossible to get a really fresh American style IPA there and plan to go back as soon as possible.
I had to look back far for this thread, people must be happy with their food and drinks. I'll just bitch alone here then. Why is tea such a huge afterthought for most places? The only decent coffee shop within walking distance has one of those absurd Steampunk coffee makers that costs like $20k+ to make drip coffee and tea. They measure the coffee to the gram and seem to dial in the grinders carefully, but the tea is just randomly scooped in. The employees don't even agree...
Old thread I guess, but I couldn't possibly live in Spain and not get into vermouth. I love that a bunch of places there have their own version, and they're usually pretty good. It's usually served over ice with an orange peel. It's one of the few things I prefer over ice. I haven't found anywhere in America that makes it themselves, and it probably isn't even legal.
I just watched a bartender in Houston tell a guy that he shouldn't order Boulevard Saison Brett if he didn't like sours. Since when is that beer sour?
Ardbeg aged version though...
I'm definitely not as good as some people here, but I wouldn't say I'm bad. Is it really that difficult to figure out? I always assumed you kind of just dropped food in and waited.
http://www.amazon.com/Anova-Culinary-Precision-Immersion-Circulator/dp/B00UKPBXM4 Worth it?
The new batch of Jester King Hibernal Dichotomous. The color is from beets, there were also oranges and thyme in it. I was surprised by how much beet flavor there was, and that it was less sour than most Jester King's. I liked it, but I heard a lot of other people didn't. I'll revisit it in a few months, I'm curious how it will change.
Am I the only person who likes quads? Not every day, but there's days where they're absolutely perfect for my mood, and Rochefort is one of the best. I'm going to try to find the Oak Aged St Bernardus later today.
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