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I need that Oak Aged St Bernardus. Apparently a store I go to here is getting only 6 bottles, which have all already been accounted for. Let us know how it is. Also, any recommendations in Copenhagen? Mikkeller obviously, but is there anything I might not think of? I'm checking a bag to bring back beer, I'm going to need to buy a 3rd suitcase to get everything home to America...
I had a Vigneronne from October of last year today. Absolutely terrible. Completely flat, weirdly syrupy mouthfeel, off flavors, just not good. Worst Cantillon I've ever had. I really hope that it gets better with age, because damn that was gross. I asked two other bar owners who had tried it, both said the same thing.
This is a total longshot, but what the hell. I was attempting to sign up for the wait list at Noma, and saw what I thought was an open dinner reservation for 1 on April 2nd. I excitedly booked it, and realized I messed up and it's actually for 2 people... Before I have to email them and cancel it, I just thought I'd ask here. Anyone want to go to Noma? It's very short notice obviously, it's on April 2nd, 2015 at 19:15. I'll probably have to tell them no very soon, so if...
I'm not sure whether they still have it, but Coltivare had a few types of Pappy when I last went in January. They have one of the better Bourbon lists in Houston, and the food is great, so you should go ask anyway.Thankfully we really only lost replaceable things like TVs, and had to get new furniture. All our pictures and those kinds of things were saved. I just had the bourbon kind of hidden in a cabinet, so nobody remembered to move it. Probably the only irreplaceable...
What are you looking to get? A lot of Mikkeller is already available in the US, and the quality varies a lot, so some probably wouldn't be worth trying to find.Why hefeweizen? You probably have access to the same ones as I do in Spain. I actually haven't had a good one here, most bars focus on either American or Belgian beers with some random other things mixed in.
I saw that when the owner posted it on reddit. The customer might be a lying asshole, but the owner isn't any better. His comments were childish and terrible, not only on that review, but a bunch of others. And who the hell posts surveillance videos in public? If I was a customer there, I'd be so uncomfortable.
Is Toer de Gueuze worth going to? I want to go to Belgium, I'm not sure whether I should go then, or just go sooner and not deal with crowds. Cantillon seems to have some excellent things to drink on premise now, but I don't know if better things will be available during that day. I'm planning on taking a suitcase and loading it up with Lambic.
I had a bottle of this, and it got destroyed in Sandy. Still bitter.
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel in Islay Whiskey Barrels. So good.
Added to pickups from the other day. Apparently the purple wax is Purple Sorachi, which is Sorachi Ace aged in red wine barrels over blueberries. The green wax is BBA Wild Horse, the ghost bottle is Local Two aged on cider lees, and the Hand and Seal is finished in Cognac barrels. I'm super excited to try the Purple Sorachi especially,and a friend said he tried the Hand and Seal and thought it was incredible.
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