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I think they no longer stock Strega. That bar is weird about ingredients sometimes, but they do some cool things that keep me going back. I really like their idea of doing a break even bottle. It gives me a chance to try crazy things I would never have the chance to try at their cost.
I've consumed significantly more than $500 in wine in my lifetime, and I'd wager that most people have. Drinking it doesn't equate to knowing about it in my mind.I'm actually enrolled in a college wine course now, but it's shockingly bad. I had high expectations, since it's at one of the supposed best hospitality programs in the country, but they seem to have stopped caring about teaching wine for some reason. The professor actually argued with me on the first day that...
It would be local for me too, and I should be able to get there pretty easily. I think it's 3 years to take level 2, or you need to retake 1 at a reduced rate. I'm really annoyed, I was promised by my school I could take level 1 for free through them, now they suddenly decided to cancel that. For free it was an awesome idea, but it's pretty expensive at full price. The service would be the biggest issue for me too for the same reason. I've never decanted an old wine, much...
Has anyone here taken any tests to become a certified sommelier? I'm considering taking level 1 at the end of this month, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.
I tried to order the Eulogy last night at Anvil, the guy had heard of it, but sadly didn't have the ingredients. I did try something off their new menu which is looking promising.
No, a wine and whiskey bar called Public Services. The guy who owns it is a badass who became an advanced somm at like age 23, and he always brings in really cool wines and spirits. Definitely not a cocktail bar though, they don't even have any sort of fruit juice. I like Bobby Heugel's bars, but I go very infrequently because they have some of the worst customers I've encountered in the entire world.
Can anyone identify this ham? A restaurant posted this on Twitter and challenged people to guess.
No picture, but I just tried a 2014 Souhaut Syrah. So good, it was really green tasting to me, but with really concentrated dark fruit. Just an incredibly well balanced, delicious wine.
Does anyone know the correct pronunciation of anise? I've always learned it was pronounced more like anis, but everyone in Texas has been pronouncing it more like ahnees. Is one more correct?
Picon BiƩre. First time trying it, it's alright I guess. Not very balanced.
New Posts  All Forums: