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Both from my last night in Spain. The first is 2013 Owa Yuzu Lambic. It was pretty good, really strong on the yuzu rind flavor, it was almost bitter from it. I didn't pay for it, but there's no way it was worth the €80 it says selling for. The second picture was two glasses of 2009 De Cam Kriek Lambeik from the same bottle. Great beer. I also had a Hanssens Oudbeitje, which was nothing special, a Boon Vat 77 which is one of my favorite lambics period, Cantillon Iris and...
Are those really hard to find? The strawberry is in a store in Barcelona. I like it a lot.
Left is 3/20/14, right is 12/22/2014. I think I actually prefer the younger one. It's more fruity to me, although, I like the carbonation better on the older one. The older one is also more metallic and bretty. They're so close.
I really want the Special one, but that cork is terrifying me for €23. This is my first Jack's Abby. Fucking great. I bought a third suitcase today, i'm hoping I have room to buy a bunch of beer tomorrow before I go back to the states Wednesday. I'm already up to at least 40 kilos just in beer.
It probably would have been flat anyway, it's an old lambic.
Sorry for the shitty picture, but should I buy this? It's De Cam Lambeik Special, which I really want to try, but that's the only bottle they have. The fill level seems good at least...
I like Gose, I understand saying that the Westbrook version is too much though. I much prefer all the German versions I've had. I don't think Gose is a style that's supposed to be intensely sour or salty, and the Westbrook version kind of takes both to 1000.
I liked this. I tend to prefer Evil Twin's stouts to their IPAs, they're usually way more balanced and not just an exercise in fitting as much bitterness into a beer as possible.
Does Eater just take money to advertise restaurants in every city? There was one in Houston with a 20 year old chef and Eater couldn't stop talking about how they had trained seafood sommeliers, which is a person who can recommend a fish on the menu and how it should be cooked. AKA a waiter.
I believe only when imported directly from Cuba, and probably only for personal use.
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