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They were maguey worm tacos, then minnow tacos. Both are at least relatively popular in Mexico, and I trusted the restaurant I was at wouldn't put them on the menu if they weren't good. Neither had very much flavor honestly, they were both fried. I liked the minnows better. And I was eating at tacos at a bar, I didn't really care about replacing the silverware between courses.
That's still good? Isn't it like 6 months old?
The Houston beer scene is...disappointing. It's not uncommon to see 8 month old IPAs just sitting on the shelf. I wouldn't be surprised if Dupont sat in a 120 degree warehouse until moving to a store or restaurant and sitting under florescent lights for months. But the green bottles certainly don't help.
Isn't Orval a Belgian Pale Ale more than a saison? And I've never had a non skunked bottle of Dupont...
I'm surprised by the lack of visible cash and credit cards in this picture.
Not cook it, just kind of thicken it slightly so it sticks to the pasta. When I say low heat, I mean like 1.5/10 on an induction burner. It comes out better this way to me than if I just throw raw egg over pasta.
I usually do about half egg yolks and half whole eggs, and leave a little pasta water in it then cook it in the pan I cooked the guanciale in at a very low heat for a minute or two.
Why go somewhere you can already legally drink to celebrate becoming able to legally drink?
Agreed on the Avery/RR collab. It was pretty one note and boring, but the one note was so overpowering that it was hard to drink. It was like a quad with everything interesting removed.
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