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Little rum flight. Black Tot is good, but definitely not worth the price. I'd much rather spend way too much money on anything from Samaroli.
I think this is somehow my first time having vintage port. I need to drink more vintage port. [IMG] I'm going to miss this, apparently it's not being imported anymore. Don't recommend drinking a pint of it though...
The Willett 3 Year Rye is pretty excellent as well.
Shockingly good. I don't like everything that St George does, and this is super weird, but it tastes like canned black olives and truffles. I could drink a lot of this. This one smells like the malt that's leftover after brewing beer. It's pretty good, apparently the distillery doesn't exist anymore, but I don't know if I'd pay as much as most places would charge for it.
Has anyone done the WSET tests at all? I'm debating doing WSET 2, but I don't know if it's worth the money compared to CSW or CMS. There's also a tea certification I want to do on the same day, as well as a sake one and trying to decide between the three is proving impossible.
Tried 2013 Matthiasson Ribolla Gialla today. Incredible wine. Whole cluster fermented for a month, and it's the earthquake vintage so the barrel fell and the wine got slightly oxidized. I love orange wines and this is one I could drink every day.
Chris Lowder? Great guy, I was really sad when he left NY, he was managing bar at The Nomad. They have a cocktail on their list called Seoul Mate named in his honor. He's definitely one of the most talented bartenders I've ever met.
Yes.Yes.The Arte Nom stuff is really good too. Or just drink mezcal.
How long have Rodenbach cans been around? That's one of the last beers I would have thought would start canning.
I'm very disappointed to hear the news about Copain. I didn't expect it at all either, they didn't seem like the type to sell out.
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