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So I'm at the Savoy in London. There are ice pieces in my shaken drink. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this.
So what kind of Cuban rum do I want to take back to the US with me? Havana Club seems too easy.
Near Plaça de Catalunya is pretty touristy, but it would give you easy access to basically everywhere.
The thing I don't get is that everything is called lambic, unless it's a blend of 1, 2, and 3 year lambic, in which case it's geueze. But I've never had a carbonated lambic, even though it's included in geueze, which is carbonated. So is that because any commercially released bottle of lambic is too old to referment in the bottle? I know Iris is two years old, Grand Cru is 3, and Oude Lambiek implies that one is aged as well (also, one is waiting for me in the fridge of...
I managed to walk into Tickets without a reservation. I'm keeping with my original assessment that Pakta is the better Adrià restaurant. I'm going there tomorrow.
So what I don't really get, is every time I've had a beer called lambic, it has been totally flat. Is that because young lambic is never bottled? Would unaged lambic cause the bottles to explode or something from pressure? Even the lambic I had in Belgium was flat though.
That's what all lambic is, as far as I know. Gueuze is the carbonated version. I like that 3 Fonteinen one, but the Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella might be my favorite. I'm drinking it right now. It's also totally flat, they call it a cereal wine on the bottle. It's sour, but not overpoweringly so.
Green Flash and Saint Feuillien have made a deal to brew West Coast IPA in Belgium. I'm excited, it's the first time I've had a truly fresh American IPA in Europe. It tastes exactly like I remember it tasting in America.
That fish is actually extinct, he got it from a friend who stole it from a museum. Also those eggs aren't eggs, they're "eggs." Very different.
I read about a quarter of that, but don't coffee beans need to rest after roasting before being brewed? Why would I want coffee roasted right before drinking it? The whole concept seems like a bad idea.
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