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What do people think of RFK's single curved cuffs? Would it be worthing getting some shirts made with this detail?
I recently saw some pics of some blazers in some menswear blog that I really liked. (The slim profile, the natural shoulders, waist suppression, and so on.) My real concern is that these jackets are rather short. Do they look fine like that (for a fairly casual look) or should I instruct the tailor to make it longer. Wouldn't that affect the balance?    
Use a tiny bit of vaseline on a cotton cloth. That gets rid of all scuffs.
The shirt you are describing is called a contrast collar or, in the uk, a "winchester" shirt. They're not really well liked around these parts. Some advocate them for formal usage, while I personally only like them worn very casually.
Where I live, pretty much everyone wears french cuffs now - as such, I've gone back to button cuffs. If you're getting them your shirts tailored, I've found that this is the key to making them not look cheap: -Order them to be about 3 1/8 inches long. -Choose a double button cuff (or, if you want a turnbull and asser look, 3 buttons) with about 1 1/8 inches between the two buttons. -Get both wrists measured, and get them to snugly fit the wrists, leaving one wrist...
Was watching Dragon's Den (UK) and saw that Peter Jones had an incredibly weird suit lapel (and matching pocket square, but that's beside the point) Pic is from a scan I uploaded. Can anyone share any light on this lapel? I was wondering if its some sort of way of saying "Look at me, my suit is bespoke."
My father and I were looking at some sport jackets on sale today for him to wear, but, because he has very narrow shoulders, we couldn't find any that didn't look far to boxy and overpadded for his figure. Is it possible to get the jacket altered so that there is less padding without affected the drape and making it look wrong?
I have a pair of AJ Armani jeans and they are actually a fantastic fit, dark denim quality is good as well - Only problem is that they're a little baggy in the calves.
Normally I don't like black shirts but .... It's Alain Delon.
From the kenneth cole site: In my eyes, those don't actually look that bad
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