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Quote: Originally Posted by Lane aight heres the deal one of the best RO leathers ever released or...arguably the best leather julius ever put out in black, its pictured as charcoal here. I'm torn between the two because I could sort of get away with the rider right now cuz its not that hot like the RO one, which seems to have wool inside. The RO one is cheaper and used, but its a amazing price. Julius jacket is rare and the price is around...
Quote: Originally Posted by drum Because bleeding indigo everywhere sucks. I put up with it when I first got into wearing raws, but nowadays I can't be bothered. Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol because i don't want indigo all over my shit Speaking of raw jeans (Nudies in this case), I've not had any indigo bleeding problems.
When I saw the title, I thought this was trolling.
Quote: Originally Posted by clark kent hows the fit on the W+H hoody? its an XS, im thinking any size S would fit like a smock on me. props to mello for the good price on the hoody and for it getting here in 2 days. It is too small and unfortunately doesnt fit.
The original GATs in beaten up condition are just fine. Nothing spectacular but good enough for my bad weather sneaker needs. Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six BY YOUR COMMAND Skinniest jeans I have, so I did my best to adhere to the guidelines Margiela takes it to the next level. Wearing those jeans with painted sneakers looks incredible good.
I dont know what the fuck is wrong with me. I just cant convince myself to pull the trigger.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oasis Anyone up for proxying them for a UKer? You don't need a proxy for that,
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Good deal on the white painted GATs, weren't there a bunch of people looking for a pair? Indeed it is. Also MAR11@YOOX for 10% off + free shipping. Have fun!
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you they sold out didnt they? It took some time though. Where did you buy yours? No doubt they are cool sneakers.
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