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Quote: Originally Posted by rebornsoul zoovillage's checking out system sucks so bad, buy at your own risk. Thanks for heads up. I have ordered once from them (back in October) and had no problems.
Doesn't sound like a bad deal. Those Margiela boots look pretty decent actually.
Thank you guys. I would have liked half an inch longer sleeves but at least they weren't too short. No real complaints really.
It's pretty much what you would expect from a 2MP camera phone.
Zoovillage outlet has some Evisu x Common Projects on sale at the moment.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol tornado maaaaart Not liking this one. The jeans are the worst (throw those in a pile and burn them). They'll ruin everything you own.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Is your dad more into rick owens instead? I wish he'd be.
Quote: Originally Posted by RegisDB9 Got this for my pops, it's a 10, hes a 10.5, so sockless I am hoping it fits, these MMM run a little big anyways My dad wouldnt wear that thing even if you paid him. He is not into Margiela really.
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 I want to support the temple though. And I won't be getting another black DR.Drawing blank on what to order now. I thought about another bomber, but 3 would be kinda overdoing it. You must have serious shopaholic problems. [[SPOILER]]
STEAL! Premiata boots (size: US11) for $220.00 shipped (discount code: MAR11@YOOX)
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