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I don't know if I could size down in dr martens x eg without hurting my toes. Lacing looks great but it's pretty impractical. Thin leather insoles fixed all the fitting issues for me.
Got martens x eg today. I wear usually uk7/us8/41 in most of the shoes and these fits pretty well in a size uk7. Happy with my purchase.
I have both navy and milkshake coming within a week. Hoping they'll fit. Didn't even think about sizing down.
Kinda want em too. Anyone knows what's the quality like?
Navy looks so good. I'd wanna see the other colors as well, especially khaki and milk shake.
I don't believe there's a difference between US and European stockist. It wouldn't make sense, right? There might be some difference between made in Mexico and made in Usa models though. I tried made in Mexico country rangers and they did fit a bit smaller than made in Usa angler mocs.
That sounds weird. Red Wing 8D is too narrow for me but Yuketen 8E fits me perfectly. I have angler mocs and boots in a size 8E and johnson boots in a size 8D from Yuketen. Yuketen 8D is wider than Red Wing 8D.I have also tried Vibergs and a lot of other brands. In my experience Yuketens aren't narrow at all.
I own 4 different pairs of Yuketens. All of them are made in USA models and fits true to size. At least don't size down, it won't work.
TOJ 2010 calfskin bomber has held up wonderfully and has no wear on it at all after about a year of daily wear.
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