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I know! I know! some of you are prolly thinking cargo pants? What in the hell is wrong with this guy but please put any bias aside as this is a serious question. Before anyone makes a smart remark, yes I understand fashion and style and yes I buy expensive and quality suits and casual clothes but this question is directed at a specific need. I'll be honest, I carry a weapon and/or weapons and I am looking for clothing for occassional use that would better serve my needs...
I hope that he is being forced to play with handguns and reload bullets in Hell.
I really didn't describe my dress style. I just said that they were casual clothes. I'm just wanting to know what brands of shoes are popular. Hell will freeze over before I will dress in gothic attire.
I need a pair of trendy sneakers (or other casual shoe) to wear with several outfitts of high end casual clothes. These will be used for dates/clubbing. What are some current trendy shoes that might fit my bill? If you could list several top brands I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm thinking Gucci and Prada may be going a little far. I'd like to keep it under 300 dollars a pair if possible. Some thoughts I had Armani Jeans (no colors that I like) Puma (good but...
Probably the Omega Seamaster Quartz or Tag Heuer Aqua Racer. I am a diver but really don't plan to dive in them, still they are cool.
Could anyone point me to a reputable online source that offers the best deals on Omega and/or Tag Heuer watches?
I bought a few outfitts at Saks today. The dude was really helpful. Couple pair of jeans, a couple of button downs and a T-Shirt. Now I need shoes. Any suggestions? Something than can be an in between dress, casual...i.e. something that can be dressed up or down?
Hi all! I need a bit of advice ASAP. I need to purchase several outfits of casual clothes for the dating scene. Something to help turn women's heads. So I have several questions that I'd like help with. What brands of jeans do you recomend? I am planning to go to Saks 5th Avenue. What style/cut of jeans are currently in style? What brand and style of shirts do you recomend? I need both long and short sleeved. Lastly what brand and style of shoes do you...
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