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I believe it's confirmed that GRRM has told the creators of the show the ending of the series, so if GRRM dies the TV show will continue on. Maybe this ties in with the minor changes (obviously the show has it's own in-universe continuity, even though Roz is made up the necklace that got her caught was a lion one given to her by Tyrion in the first episode). Also... words cannot describe my anticipation for the Brienne + Jamie road trip. Probably one of my favorite...
Honestly though SML and SJ don't have their own movies and have relatively minor roles. Before the Avengers I'm pretty sure Ironman was their biggest comic movie. It's still a lot, but sort of understandable.
Sally doesn't like fish either, it was a minor detail in the prior episode.
I was in a rush so I cuffed them on the inside and held them with tape. Seriously... That being said, when I actually do get the pair hemmed, I will probably have the tailor cuff them on the inside also. The extra weight actually does help the pants drape better/straighter. The pants are very slim but the material is very light (which is why they hang so straight) and they're comfortable. I rock a 34 so you're probably 36 or 38.
The material probably isn't best. I'm afraid I can't help you much but you can message the guy who did the guide on SZ, or ask someone in the SW&D to ask for you. I'm not really an expert on this, you should try RANDOM FASHION THOUGHTS for the widest net, or at least ask for material. I'd imagine drop crotch pants have a composition more like viscose and wool rather than fleece (it just won't drape right). The only other "cheap" brand I could think is maybe Robert...
Head over to Streetwear and Denim, its the part of the forum that doesn't aspire to dress like middle management.As for actual suggestions, Silent by Damir.Also a DIY guide by a guy on SZGood luck and I hope you stick around, SF is actually very accommodating and open to many styles. Don't let your bad experiences give you the wrong impression!Also don't pay attention to this guy.You asked a very reasonable question and were specific in your tastes. Most newbies ask...
It's European H&M.
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