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Nothing spoiler-y,just a question. Who was heir to Casterly Rock at the beginning of the series. I can't possibly imagine that Tywin would grant Tyrion the seat.
IIRC it's pretty clear that the forces would take the city, which is why Aegon allowed Tywin Lannister inside in the first place (he assumed he had come to help him defend the city). Instead by the time Ned arrived the city had already been ransacked.But you do have a point, I was expecting some siege or artillery but the most I saw was a battering ram.
Look, they had a budget, and they spent it on the wildfire (which makes sense because its crucial to understanding the battle). I guess they could've done a few cgi green screen sweeps with thousands of soldiers but I imagine that would just make the wildfire, and the ship scenes (which were great IMO) look like shit.A nice sweep at the end showing the incoming charge (from a very distant view) might have worked but the CGI probably would have looked terrible and then...
If I had to take a guess it's because he's "in motion", he's physically raising his arms while the suit is buttoned so it causes the wrinkling. As for the actual cause, if you look at the stress it's very tight around his shoulders. My guess is that the suit fits in the shoulders but (and I mean no offense) his shoulders are pretty boney/skinny so it doesn't drape perfectly.
Minor spoiler regarding magic and Jaqen. [[SPOILER]]
For real. The shock of everything when you first read them is amazing, breathtaking even. The fact that people keep saying "LOL OMFG JUST U WAIT FOR THE BIG TWIST WITH THIS CHARACTER" is sort of a spoiler itself. I realize it's people's fault for clicking on spoilers but book readers but a lot of people make it really, really obvious what's going to happen without even saying it.
Because in my opinion it's the best way to wear that style. EDIT: To clarify, the whole "work boot/denim/grey sweat shirt/jacket" look is something I see done a lot, and it mostly looks mediocre or terrible. I think robin's fit is a good example of what that look aims for.
I actually really liked the detailing on the sweater, it retains the minimalist look without being just another cheap black turtle neck IMO. I can imagine wearing it with some nice slim dark trousers and an overcoat (ToJ with leather accent, most definitely).
Not a spoiler but I think this goes hand in hand with the parallels of the Seven and the Starks.Ned = FatherCat = MotherSansa = MaidenRobb = The WarriorArya = Stranger (aka the face of death)Bran = The smith (or even the crone)
Wait, what?There's plenty of fits from mellow, parker, and pinkpantster in this thread (if anything they are the most consistent entries...) and yet people are complaining about the thread being a circle jerk for popular posters. I don't get it, what do you want?
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