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A little saddened how they handled the battle at the beginning. I understand that there's more important things to spend budget on but it would've been nice to at least even see a few pan away shots of corpses, the aftermath of the battle, really, anything other than black screen and screaming. Otherwise, an excellent opening episode, really loved the scenery and felt that it brought life to a lot of settings (where as Season 2 at times felt closed in).
Eh, I'm not sure, it just feels like an example of blind leading the blind. MFA isn't the audience for that kind of styling and it doesn't seem like many people there, if anyone, has actual experience with gothninja brands. There's no way to say this without coming off elitist but I don't think gothninja is the kind of aesthetic you can half-ass, especially with lame analogies. I don't think the exposure comes off positively for the aesthetic, especially when so many...
Don't post for maybe at least three months. Do nothing but read, Styleforum is an archive of information. A decent place to start is Best of WAYWT, The 5,000 wardrobe, quick questions and answers thread, browse WAYWT, search for older discussion threads. There's also older best of waywt threads that you can find with searching.
A well fitted suit that's custom made for you.EDIT: Not sure if that counts as a single article of clothing hmmm.
F+B can be found on sale ~250 also.
I came.
That's nothing, I had the size XS in my cart and was ready to go but thought "Hmm, might as well add some other items I've always been wanting so I can save money on shipping." By the time I went to check out it was gone
Nice, how often you get to wear this in Florida?
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