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Anyone know the best place to get a large floppy hat? Thrift? Ideally, maybe some kind of waxed texture fabric., or am I doomed to have to shell out $500+ for one from Ann D?
Source Been a lot of great fits lately too, going to have to dig some up.
Looking for slim fitting dark colored suit, Navy, Charcoal, or Black, ideally Uniqlo J+ or Raf Simons. Willing to look at US sizes 34-36/EU sizing 44-46. PM me for details.
This is awesome, I've never felt so cool
+Bonus: My Christian Rock Album Cover [[SPOILER]]
No, it's closed on Monday and Tuesdays!Actually this was supposed to be my second time, it's a great exhibit and it's definitely the kind of experience that really benefits from having someone to talk to about it.
hi, [[SPOILER]]
Both are equally good, so I voted kgfan to help even it out.
This needed to be here.
A little saddened how they handled the battle at the beginning. I understand that there's more important things to spend budget on but it would've been nice to at least even see a few pan away shots of corpses, the aftermath of the battle, really, anything other than black screen and screaming. Otherwise, an excellent opening episode, really loved the scenery and felt that it brought life to a lot of settings (where as Season 2 at times felt closed in).
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