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Looking for a brown CWU or bomber, calfskin or lambskin, size 44-46. PM me.
Anyone know the best place to get a large floppy hat? Thrift? Ideally, maybe some kind of waxed texture fabric., or am I doomed to have to shell out $500+ for one from Ann D?
Source Been a lot of great fits lately too, going to have to dig some up.
Looking for slim fitting dark colored suit, Navy, Charcoal, or Black, ideally Uniqlo J+ or Raf Simons. Willing to look at US sizes 34-36/EU sizing 44-46. PM me for details.
This is awesome, I've never felt so cool
+Bonus: My Christian Rock Album Cover [[SPOILER]]
No, it's closed on Monday and Tuesdays!Actually this was supposed to be my second time, it's a great exhibit and it's definitely the kind of experience that really benefits from having someone to talk to about it.
hi, [[SPOILER]]
Both are equally good, so I voted kgfan to help even it out.
This needed to be here.
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