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Live in Philly. Spend quite a bit of time in NYC (my back-up if nothing else jumps out as a good idea). I enjoy cafes, coffee shops, outdoor shops and cities with a lot of walking opportunities. Spend the summer at the beach so I don't need the tropical climate just yet. Expense isn't a primary consideration. Thinking about Prague, Budapest, Geneva, Hong Kong? As you can see I'm wide open to locations - I plan to just buy a ticket, book a room and go. Italy has some appeal...
Not necessarily - just an opportunity to get away and go somewhere I haven't been. Thanks.
I know it has little to do with clothes (although I assume recommendations could include "cothes to bring" or "artisans to visit") but: I am in the process of changing jobs and won't start work again until April 4 and have found myself with some unexpected time on my hands. I am looking to plan a spur of the moment trip (leave this Sunday and return on Thursday/Friday?) and am hoping for some recommendations from this group. I have no real agenda just looking for a fun...
Marc - I'd be interested in the Todds url if you have a chance. thanks.
I'm looking for a nice pair of dark brown shoes that will look good with jeans. I know that the sole needs to be somewhat more substantial as I tend to wear jeans that are slightly fuller cut down to the shoe. I've looked at several pair on the Alden of Carmel site and they may work but I wanted to get some other thoughts from this group. Thank you
Interesting - I chose the same pair in addition to a pair of the Budapest Oxford Oxblood shown on their site under "Contemporary" - you've made me feel better about my choices as well. Thanks..
What is the pricing for Isaia MTM at Barney's? Thanks.
Raphael Suit No knowledge of the seller - just found it interesting given the prior discussions of Raphael.
Lunch at Bergdorf Men's cafe. Great soup, sandwiches, salads - kinda pricey but a nice quite calm place to grab a bite in the greatest men's store in the city. Have fun.
I'm preparing for fall ... any recommendations on a nice, crew neck cashmere sweater? Thanks.
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