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hey look guys, we have a 6 year old girl in the thread
But I wear $400 Iron Hearts! You cant touch me
Halloween costume?
Wearing the Sinn 556 today! Happy Weekend!!
Wearing my TAG today....
Iron Heart, Samurai, the Flathead, The Strike Gold are some great Japanese brands that manufacture great denim with many different cuts. These usually come raw and are personally worn-in. You can go to or to purchase these brands. Some American denim companies that I like are Imogene + Willie and RRL. But I would suggest you buy from a Japanese denim company. I used to buy diesel, nudie, and other well-known brands but the...
Need help deciding what watch to get - advice would be great! (sorry for shitting up this page with all the Panerai's, Omega's and Rolex's) Sinn 556 or... Oris Classic Date
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler The 666OD does have a selvage line, it's just blacked out from the overdye so that it is harder to see. You may be thinking of the 301 as the one without the selvage line. Also, the 666 is a tapered cut, so they shouldn't look flare-y. You may also be thinking of a different IH cut here as well. Alright, thanks for the info bossman
Quote: Originally Posted by jhoge Just grabbed a pair of the 666ods, here are some fit pics (they're clickable!). Wow I realllyyy want 'em now. They'll be my next purchase - no selvedge line tho right? Also, how's the leg opening? They look kinda flare-y in some other pics. How do u like the fit? Should I buy? Sale price is attractive but I think the model is just wearing it wrong...
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