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Looking for a replacement for Jack Purcells. Nike recently heavily cost reduced them so I'm thinking of the PF Flyers All Courts in natural canvas. Anyone have any opinions or experiences with these?
Does anyone know how much the Alden price increase will be? I've been thinking of picking up a pair of Indys for some time now and just recently heard about the price increase.
How would Alden 403/405 Indy boots fair with Sno-Seal or Obenauf's?
38R. Here are some additional pics in something closer to an actual dress shirt:
Hi I just bought a Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald blazer yesterday and was wondering if it fit me correctly and what alterations I should get. It was the only OTR, at least partially canvased blazer I could find in my price range that I thought fit my shoulders (I'm 6'3 and very skinny). Also I noticed some loose threads on the garment. Should I return it or is this normal? Any critiques fellow styleforumers? If you need better pics, I can provide them.
So I'm really confused on APC sizing. I gather they are vanity sized and they stretch so lets say I have a 34 inch waist. Do I size down to the 32" which are really 34" (or something else) before stretching or do I size down to the ones that are actually 32" but marked as something smaller and have them stretch?
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne Go ahead and sleep in them unless you have white blankets/bedsheets. Bleeding isn't a lot, only really apparent on white stuff. Also, you don't really need to soak APCs pre-wear Damn I have white sheets. When I get them, I'll just wear them around the house until they loosen up.
Thanks. Also, how badly do they bleed? I'm thinking of sleeping in them to loosen them up. Confused about soaking too. New to the whole raw denim thing.
For APC, do I size down 2 or 3 sizes from my actual waist or what I wear in other jeans?
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