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My 348s were snug at first, but have become among the best-fitting shoes I have. This may sound incredibly "duh" obvious, but these kinds of shoes really do "break in." It may require using moleskin in places at first, but once over the hump you're golden. I bought a pair of G&Gs from a member here a few months back. They are absolutely gorgeous shoes (the Harrow in Espresso), but I was initially dismayed because it took a major effort just to get my feet into them. I...
Free feedback bump for a good seller. Shirt arrived yesterday (very nice, thanks). Nice, easy transaction.
PM'd on the red stripe shirt.
It seems safe to conclude that there is interest in the RLBL navy 38R (dammit!).
Chelseas are out for their first walk today also. 7.5UK on the 202 last for me feels like I just dipped my feet in shoe...
Got my Chelseas today Very nice price on a very fine shoe! I may be a rookie here at SF, but I'm a 12-yr ebay vet, and this transaction was as smooth as they come. It beats the bejabbers out of me how only two pairs of these have sold, but if anyone is hesitating because of the seller, don't. Both of my thumbs (not to mention a couple of other things) are up!!
PM'd on the 7.5/8 Chelseas
PM'd on the Lorenzini 39.
Don't know from experience, but isn't mohair considered "cooler-wearing?" To that end I've been looking around for mohair-wool blends in a suit with a partially lined jacket (with an eye to weight and weave, of course). Have I got it wrong?
As a neophyte to high-end menswear (with somewhat limited means, to boot) this is a question I've wrestled with. Ex., I bought a Brioni off of ebay for $400. Fuzzy pictures--I figured that at least I would end up with a very nice odd jacket (150's "tweed"). Spent another $400 at the tailors (shoulders, sleeves, slight shortening of jacket, a little work on pants length [cuffed], etc.). Result is nice, but not perfect (distance from top of jacket pocket to bottom of jacket...
New Posts  All Forums: