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Hey y'all. Been without my laptop (hard drive crash) for weeks and posting from my phone is a pita so I've missed out on over 1000 posts. OTOH, I finally got back into a few stores after weeks of not thrifting, I lucked into a nice pair of AE Parks in 10.5 D. The original heels are only slightly down but otherwise they are easily an 8 out of 10. I already have a pair so I thought someone here might want them. I'll try to check my pm box daily. No pics for now but if...
Keep it! I have one like that in copper/black and loaned it to my brother in law when we attended a business seminar recently. He misplaced all of the ties that he had packed and since we were flying on Spirit Airlines, I could only afford to bring two ties. I wore the Charvet the first day and loaned it to him on the second and HE got the compliments that I usually get.
I don't know but it IS a meme dog!
[[SPOILER]] So, since November of last year, what's changed?Who Posted?Total Posts: 104248......User Name PostsNataku 4093capnwes 3872SpooPoker 2829barrelntrigger 2638Brianpore 2480eazye 2228grendel 1995Fueco 1785GMMcL 1670AndroFan 1348HansderHund 1290noob 1206Digmenow 1198Ian Erickson 1029ChetB 1016ATLnoob 1010tben 991pnutpug 990ATLjon 983ridethecliche 966catside 947concealed 865jkidd41011 810AlanC 783FaceOfBoh 777DanM 759Klobber 744Evil Abed 736VLSI 734size 38R 722mainy...
Well darn. Never try to go thrifting with people who aren't in the mood. Three other people in the car and I made sure all of their stops came first. We pulled up to the Plano SVDP and I was allowed maybe 20 minutes. I managed a decent shirt find for the guy with the long arms and it was time to go.There was another thrift right across the street but noooooooooo!I am SO disappointed.
Perfect. I'm on it. Thanks.
Hey guys. Long time no post. Kind of unexpectedly in Irving Texas tomorrow. Any place in particular that I don't want to miss? Garland and Dallas are not out of the question. PMs welcomed. I understand if you want to misdirect me if you're going to be there.
Doxie break #3 [[SPOILER]]
I figure the over/under on the 100,000th post ITT is 7 days. Anyone call dibs yet or have some massive haul to post? Otherwise, I might be persuaded to pull up another "Top 100 / Who's Posted?" ranking. Just a suggestion.
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