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Well darn. Never try to go thrifting with people who aren't in the mood. Three other people in the car and I made sure all of their stops came first. We pulled up to the Plano SVDP and I was allowed maybe 20 minutes. I managed a decent shirt find for the guy with the long arms and it was time to go.There was another thrift right across the street but noooooooooo!I am SO disappointed.
Perfect. I'm on it. Thanks.
Hey guys. Long time no post. Kind of unexpectedly in Irving Texas tomorrow. Any place in particular that I don't want to miss? Garland and Dallas are not out of the question. PMs welcomed. I understand if you want to misdirect me if you're going to be there.
Doxie break #3 [[SPOILER]]
I figure the over/under on the 100,000th post ITT is 7 days. Anyone call dibs yet or have some massive haul to post? Otherwise, I might be persuaded to pull up another "Top 100 / Who's Posted?" ranking. Just a suggestion.
Hah! I'll think about it. Keep in mind that I thrift EVERYTHING that I wear with the exception of the black JAB shirts that I wear. In three years of searching, have found less than 5 pieces of denim that were better than Levis/Diesel quality. Not even a single piece of APC. My chances of thrifting a quality SW&D wardrobe is minimal at best but I still look.
What is this from? He's leaning on a Mercedes-Benz R107. Could be anywhere from '71 to '89 if he's leaning on a new car. I'm trying to get closer on the age of the car. The bundt wheels preclude it from being a 560SL so it's likely pre 1986. U.S. version based on the USDOT bumpers visible on the back. I'm guessing that it's an early 80's 380SL.
I checked Urban Dictionary and neither of those terms have been defined yet. You, sir, are cutting edge!That Baracuda jacket has elastic at the waist? Pfft! When the Orlebar Browns arrive, you better try some on so that I can judge what size to buy. Fit pics not required.
You talking biblical...like wages of sin and all? Cuz I'm just wondering what that pays.
The Orlebar Browns. Where are they? [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: