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I'll just leave this here for now.
Thanks, Spoo. Double what I was expecting. Well done! ICONIC Alden Tobacco Brown Suede 666 Tassel Loafers Mens Shoes 8 B/D NR KILLER Winning bid: US $205.35 [ 27 bids ]
Well, I stopped in a store today because a family member wants me to keep an eye out for some footwear and a cherry was popped. On the down side, I just discovered that my best BB Golden Fleece suit and my favorite navy H. Freeman & Son suit both have moth holes.
Not sure if this has been seen in these parts...
Hey, Nat. Piggyback request.If anyone gets after you for these, would you mind sending them my way for a pair of nice, shiny black 10.5 Park Avenues as well? I posted before but didn't get any nibbles.
I just learned that I will be expected to participate in a golf 'tourney' (for lack of a better word) during a trip that I will be taking at the end of this month. I have not swung a club in over two years (rented them while on vacation) and I don't even remember where I put my 'good' sticks the last time that I came home with them well over 5 years ago. My cleats, of course, are safely tucked into the golf bag that I can no longer locate. Since I don't want to look too...
+44!(I was the 44th to hit the thumbs up button)
Wives, yeah. Mine hasn't even watched the show, yet. I've been months trying to rescue and then replace a crashed laptop.
When you get to this scene, you can say, "Hey! I know that guy. He's on SF and spends time on the thrift thread! Me on the left... Me on the right... There's more but that's about all that's recognizable.
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