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And to be clear - not asking for latitude or making any excuses. I dropped the ball getting things handled while we were away - That I can't change but I can fix it and have been working to get everything caught up the past week while getting ready to move the business and household to new quarters. Got behind, catching up on all of it quickly. Some criticism is quite justified and to it I can only say mea culpa. It is getting fixed, as it should.
Hi folks, I do apologize for the slow responses lately and we're getting caught up with everything. We had a lot going on with getting married, buying a house and selling two others. That is not an excuse, it is just why we've been offline and some things were not handled well in the office in our absence. If anyone has not received something please send me a note and cc my shipping manager: Chuck(AT) and Audrey(at) and we will get...
Studio, I will check on that and take care of it right now. We were away for a bit and I am catching up on messages. After 8.5 years I talked Jill into marrying me and we went away to get married and take a short break so I have been offline the past week and a half and am catching up on messages. We did not run away on the $100 and I did send you an email about it, I apologize for your inconvenience and will happily ship another and let you pay after receipt if you...
Bowties were a bit of an afterthought. I asked the makers to turn the scrap into bowties right as they were completing the others. No problem, you can return it or I can have you hold onto it until we do another batch and then replace it with a proper one :-)
Last ones now in, if you have not oredered one yet there are PLENTY more and they are shipping now. By request, we got a few bowties made up (8), first come, first served on those - just shoot me an email!
The first batch is on the way to the US now, the special orders (unlined, XL etc) will be sent out Friday or Monday and I have had the remaining silk made up by my 'best guess' of what people would want to order. Still plenty to go around :-)
Just so everyone knows: The ONLY possible way for me to keep the orders straight is to go by what is ACTUALLY ordered. As you might imagine I have gotten a lot of email, PM's and calls on this but I need actual records to go by. I'll take requests for extra longs, unlined etcetera for 2-3 more days but then I need to let the tailors know the precise mix and then get them completed and shipped so that I can deliver them in a timely fashion. THANKS!
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Excellent Chuck! Can you please confirm the colors on the tie? Thanks Red, black and kinda creamy.... Sorry I missed the question earlier, putting together an event for next weekend and up to my ears!
Being completed now so we need to know how many longs and lined v unlined. In 10 days or so I'll just have the silk not spoken for made up according to best guess and be done with it :-) Lined V Unlined:
Anyone think they are better than SIC Tess?
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