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In my part of the Bay Area, bougainvillea plants are about as common as grass and during a certain time of the year, they shed their leaves and the streets are covered with their petals. I guess I was unlucky enough to take a picture of my boot during that time of the year. Woe is me for offending you and the larger Alden community that you are apparently the representative of. I'll do my best to clear my pictures with you in the future.
Thanks kindly. I was lucky enough to get them from Ed at the Shoemart. Your best best is to call them every couple of months and see what is coming in on special order. They are wonderful boots. The market for Alden seems to have gotten very hot lately and it is going to be difficult to get some of the more exotic colors. I hope Alden makes shoes in color #4 again so everyone can be happy with their footwear. Good luck.
I have the black crepe and suede waterlock Roys and they are both very comfortable. I love the snuff suede waterlock sole Roy's. They are perfect for a more casual look. The waterlock soles break in really fast and I much prefer them to the crepe soles on my other Roys.
My experience is that there is more of a difference between style makeups on Barrie lasts (captoe versus shortwing vs longwing vs ptb vs etc..) than there is between boots and shoes on the Barrie last. You can say I am a Barrie/Trubalance specialist and all makeups I have received fit roughly all the same. I had captoe boots (two pairs out of ~20) that felt tighter than what I was used to. It might be related to the thicker band of leather used on a punched captoe that...
I have cycled through ~20 different Alden shoes and boots now (kept 10 for the long haul) in a variety of soles; single waterlock, double waterlock, crepe, standard oak tan, commando. I have resolved to default to Alden purchases on the waterlock soles, preferably double waterlock. They are more comfortable immediately after purchase, have a shorter break in time and are better in wet weather. Crepe comes very close but it looks too casual in many situations and looks very...
Thanks Don. I wish the process of pre-orders for Alden shoes could be more transparent across the board at other shops and that everyone is able to purchase the shoes and boots they want and are able to pay for.
I love how Leffot publishes pre-orders to their website and allows any and all folks to jump in. Takes the private-club aspect of buying Alden out of the equation.
Thank you guys. I agree with the sentiment. Alden boots are very special and most of my collection is made up of boots (mix of Trubalance and Barrie) at this point. Setting aside the usual benefits of look, comfort and support, Alden boots obviate any issues around the Barrie last heel fit for me. I am in the group of folks with a really wide forefoot and skinny heels and ankles.
It's always boot season in SF
Thanks kindly, Uncle Mac
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