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Gaddang. Ya never find plaids like that in a 46L.
Just found 5 Phentermine pills in the pocket of a PRL jacket. Strange greetings.
90s Hilfiger is totally a thing. Keep your eyes peeled for single strap overalls. Sold a pair for some decent bucks. Not quite Gucci gator dollars, but still.
You know when you have a sport coat that the maker label has been ripped out of, and you want to know what it is so desperately that you're almost moved to tears of frustration? I am approaching that point.
Thanks! Oh my god are they ugly. And yet... so soft and velvety.Thanks man! Sadly I couldn't find the pants.Man, if it fit me you wouldn't be able to pry it off my body. I'd sleep in that beast.
Hey fellas, long time listener, first time caller. Figured I might as well start sharing on here. Thanks for any and all feedback!Baby's first Isaia. Pretty satisfying cherry pop for me.Lab. by Pal Zileri. [[SPOILER]] I'm such a sucker for vintage jackets like this. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Another pop. I can't tell if these are men's or women's. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Any ideas on who would have made this? It's fully canvassed, and is ungodly heavy....
Any ideas on the proper lighting for failure tear stains? Incandescent just isn't cutting it.
First and last names: Tom Jones the Terrifying Pendulous Penis Middle name: Gordon the Nuclear Powered Caterpillar SF name: Darth Vader the Strangely Proportioned Weapon of Mass Destruction
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB Randy loves flashin the Chocolate Spider!. Who doesn't?!
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